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All Access Interview with Mercy Thompson – by Patricia Briggs

Mercy Thompson, the heroine of her own UF series by Patricia Briggs, is one of our favorite girls!  Now imagine our excitement when we got to sit down with her for a little chat courtesy of Patricia Briggs!?!

Welcome to Under the Covers! For those who haven’t met you yet, Mercy, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a coyote who was raised by werewolves, am married to one – and fix cars for a living.

I love your tattoos! How many do you have and what do they mean?

My roommate’s mother in college was a tattoo artist and Char traded tattoos for favors. She was pretty good. I got a pawprint tattooed on my belly – because I finally decided to accept what I was. The narrow Celtic knotwork bands around each bicep were just pretty. They are very easy to overlook and they hide under a t-shirt.

Being a walker, you’re able to shift into a coyote. If given the chance to shift into anything at all, what would you like to shift into?

A dragon. That would let me knock some sense into those werewolves!

Give us the dirty! Got any secrets about the wonderful author who writes your books, Patricia Briggs?

Actually, she’s pretty boring. Nice, but boring. She says she much prefers that to interesting, because interesting people are quite often unhappy.

You encounter fae, vampires, werewolves and more. Seems like an interesting life! What adventure for you has been the most thrilling?

Most terrifying would be getting married. If you ever met my mother, you’d understand. Most thrilling . . . well, Adam is really, really hot. So . . .

So what’s it like being mated to an alpha? You gotta spill! What is one thing you didn’t know about Adam until you were married to him?

It’s like being married to a CEO who not only brings his work home with him, but also his employees. He likes split pea soup. Who does that?

What would you say is the best part about being in the Columbia Basin Pack?

I’m finally starting to feel like I belong somewhere.

The worst? I’m tempted to say fleas – but except for that one time, it hasn’t really been a problem. And Adam is blaming the cat.

Really, the problem I didn’t expect was the constant worry. Is someone going to do something dumb today? Is Paul going to straighten up without me having to hand him his own head on a platter again?

Samuel and you have quite the history together. If given the chance to send a message to him now, what would you say to him?

That’s the cool thing about old friends. You don’t have to send messages. I do hope that his Arianna makes him happy. He deserves to be happy.

If you could ask Ms. Briggs to give you a sidekick from another author’s world, what would you ask for?

A sidekick? Mr. Spock would be awesome – but then all those Trekkies would follow us around. Adam might also have trouble with a male. Which eliminates David (from Rachel Caine’s Weather Warden series) – I’d really like to have a genie at my beck and call. Heh, heh.

Karin Murphy (from the Harry Dresden series) would be someone I could get along with – who is tough enough not to die. Though it might be fun to have a sidekick who would do all the housework!

You are having a girls night in with some popcorn and your favourite PJs, what film do you pop on?

Quigley Down Under or maybe the Nickelodeon series Avatar, the Last Airbender.

Thanks Mercy for chilling with us today! Say hi to the Pack for us! 

River Marked by Patricia Briggs

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In the sixth novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series, coyote shifter Mercy Thompson and Alpha werewolf Adam finally reach the alter. But when they make the Columbia River their honeymoon destination, their newlywed bliss turns into a fight for survival…
Being a different breed of shapeshifter—a walker—Mercy can see ghosts, but the spirit of her long-gone father has never visited her. Until now. An evil is stirring in the depths of the Columbia River—and innocent people are dying. As other walkers make their presence known to Mercy, she must reconnect with her heritage to exorcise the world of the legend known as the river devil.

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Character interview with Mercy Thompson by Patricia Briggs

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  1. I love this series and I’m looking forward to seeing Mercy and Adam’s married life post honeymoon. I had no idea that Mercy had bicep tattoos. Was it ever mentioned in any of the regular books?

  2. Awesome giveaway. Love both the Mercy and Alpha Omega series. I’ve been waiting for he next book in the alpha omega series because I just can’t wait to read what happens fo charles and anna. I was lucky enough to meet patricia at NYCC. She was so cool.

    [email protected]

  3. I love Patricia Briggs. I have never read the Mercy Thompson series but I have read her Alpha and Omega series. I can’t wait to try this series. Awesome interview.


  4. I’m not really a big UF fan myself, but this interview makes me want to read the series! I’m totally putting into my TBR! Thanks girls and Patricia!

  5. One of my favorite authors of all time, always has strong female leads that rely on their own strengths instead of bashing others. And Patty is just a sweet, down-to-earth lady, had the privilege of interviewing her for a parenting blog a couple years ago. This is a great interview, good to know more about one of my favorite fictional heroines! I could totally hang out with Mercy!

  6. I can’t wait for the next book. Another one of my series has just come out with it’s last book, so that this one is still going makes that event a little less sad. I love Mercy and her band of misfits. Just love them.

  7. Great interview.

    I love all the books in Mercedes Thompson Series. Mercy is an amazing character. Love her personality.

    I also love Patricia’s Alpha and Omega Series. Keep the awesome books coming PB. 😉

  8. I LOVE Mercy and Adam! Adam likes split pea soup eww LOL And I love that her favorite adventure was Adam because well he is hot. *fans self* I love Adam and Samuel. I hope Samuel is happy too. Adam and Mercy’s cat are too cute together. Blames fleas on the cat. I always loved when the cat would be at Adam’s house and he would pretend to be mad but he clearly loves the cat. Thanks for the interview and giveaway!

  9. Mercy Thompson is one of my favorite heroines!! In fact, the only thing I don’t like about Mercy, is that she has Adam 🙂
    Ladies!If you have not read or listened to this series you better get started, and find out how terrific and real Patricia Brigg’s character are.
    Thanks guys!!!

  10. Mercy Thompson was my first introduction to urban fantasy and I haven’t looked back since. I enjoyed the interview. Pea soup? Really Adam?

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity and for the fun interview.

  11. Fabulous interview of Mercy! I loved it. Ewwww…who eats pea soup? I mean seriously on purpose? As-in likes it? LOL *shakes head* To each their own I guess. Thanks for the giveaway chance! DeAnna Schultz

  12. I loved the interview! I have read all the Mercy Thompson books and the Alpha & Omega. I have a question for Patricia. Which actor(s)would you have play your characters?

  13. Great interview!!! I really enjoyed reading it. Mercy is so kick ass!!!! I’m definitely heading to Amazon to add this series to my wishlist….thanks ladies for the author recommend!!!!

  14. I’d loved the interview, I learned a lot more about Mercy since I haven’t read the series yet. I have a lot of the books on my TBR shelf, but haven’t got to them yet.

  15. I was just introduced to the Mercy series this year and then read every book back to back. What a wonderful heroine. I adore Mercy and she is now one of my favourite characters.

    Also, thank you for finally getting her married. I love that the series is going to grow with them as a married couple.

  16. Ah hahahaha, the Trekkies would follow you around! Love it!
    Great post from Mercy, thanks Patricia!!! You are awesome! I can’t ever get enough of Mercy and all her friends, too many great ones to name!

  17. This is one of my top favorite serie ever^^.
    i really loved this interview and would be delighted to win fair game

    thanks you for this opportunity

    all the best

  18. Thanks for the wonderful post! I love, love, love, Patricia Briggs and I’ve almost read all her works. I love Mercy and this series is an autobuy for me. 🙂

  19. Thanks for such awesome interview and I love the Mercy Thompson series. I can’t wait to any and all upcoming books by Patricia Briggs.


  20. So, I actually just started reading Mercy’s first book Moon Called and while I haven’t finished yet, I love it!! Will def be reading the rest of the series!!!!

  21. Thanks for the wonderful interview! I love werewolves and no one does them quite like Patricia Briggs! Mercy is one of my all time favorite series! I have all of her Mercy books and all of the Alpha and Omega books! I so don’t want to wait any longer! I need a PB fix and soon!

  22. Thank you for taking the time to share with us. I have read all of the Mercy Thompson books except River Marked and that has been on my wishlist for a while. I certainly appreciate the giveaway opportunity and will be looking forward to the next installment in Mercy’s journey 🙂

  23. Long-time fan of Patricia Briggs! Love the Mercy Thompson series, and RIVER MARKED was terrific. One of the most satisfying endings EVER! And I had to go and visit the Stonehenge replica on the hillside above the Columbia River, where part of the book took place.

  24. Fantastically interesting interview. Thanks for the opportunity to learn more about Mercy and the series…I definitely need to check it out!

  25. I loved the interview. I started with “On the prowl” from Alpha and Omega series and moved on the Mercy thompson can’t wait for book 7

  26. I haven’t started this series yet but I have book one on the way and can’t WAIT! Great interview. Character interviews often don’t work but this one really did. 🙂

  27. I could have sworn I left a comment here before. Oh well here’s my comment again. Awesome interview and giveaway! Great secondary info on Mercy and look forward to seeing more of Mercy and Adam’s adventures into married life and dangers all around them.

  28. I’ve been a fan since Masques and Steal the Dragon — and absolutely love Mercy (and the Alpha & Omega series as well)! Thanks for the fantastic Character Interview and giveaway!

    elizabeth @ bookattict . com