What made you decide to start the book with a card game?

I wanted to establish why the hero and heroine were perfect for each other early on, because they come together in an unconventional way.  A game of skill and a bit of chance was a good place to show each of the character’s strengths and personalities.

Why are George and Honor so attracted to each other?

Because they are so alike.  Even though they come from different sides of the track, so to speak, they are different sides of the same coin. They both want the same thing from life and they both rebel against the things that restrict them in seeking happiness.

Honor is a feisty woman, especially for the time period. Do you prefer to write about heroines with a bit of gumption?

Absolutely. I’ve never been one to sit around wait for things to come to me. I believe you have to go out and create the life you want to live, offer up the vision to the universe and make it happen.  I can’t imagine any heroine of mine not going after what she wants, if not in the beginning, then certainly by the end of the story’s arc.

How do you pick names for your characters?

Believe it or not, I used to find names at an old cemetery that was near my house. I walked my dogs there, and the cemetery was the eternal home for people who had died in the late 1800s.  But I’ve moved since then so these days I rely on a wonderful website called www.behindthename.org


Desperate times call for daring measures as Honor Cabot, the eldest stepdaughter of the wealthy Earl of Beckington, awaits her family’s ruin. Upon the earl’s death she and her sisters stand to lose the luxury of their grand home – and their place on the pedestal of society – to their stepbrother and his social-climbing fiancée. Forced to act quickly, Honor makes a devil’s bargain with the only rogue in London who can seduce her stepbrother’s fiancée out of the Cabots’ lives for good.

An illegitimate son of a duke, George Easton was born of scandal and grows his fortune through dangerous risks. But now he and Honor are dabbling in a perilous dance of seduction that puts her reputation and his jaded heart on the line. And as unexpected desire threatens to change the rules of their secret game, the stakes may become too high even for a notorious gambler and a determined, free-spirited debutante to handle.


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  1. What an interesting way to pick character names! I love Julia’s historical romances and look forward to reading The Trouble With Honor.