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NEED YOU TONIGHT is book five in the Loving on the Edge series. What can you tell us about this book and what can fans expect to see?

This book is about Kade, who has popped up as a side character in a number of other books. (But you don’t have to have read the series to read this one. All the books can stand alone.) And this is a reunion/second chance story where the guy who used to be the outcast gets another chance with the popular girl he loved in high school. And what can you expect to see? With this one I’d say there is a lot of sexiness and humor (which are always a big part of my stories) but this time it’s mixed with a dose of darkness and a little bit heavier BDSM than I’ve done in the past. Kade’s backstory is definitely the most difficult I’ve ever written. So there’s a lot for these two to overcome to find their happy ending.

I’ve been anxiously waiting for Kade’s book! For those who don’t know him yet (and all of us that do as well) how would you describe the hero, Kade Vandergriff?

Kade is the former stuttering, outcast kid who has transformed himself into a suave, dominant man (who happens to look like Alexander Skarsgard now, lol). But underneath the dominance and confidence is still that boy who just wants to win over the girl he loves, so there’s a true vulnerability to him, a sweetness. And he’s a dad (the first time I’ve written a hero with a kid) so there’s this added layer to him as well when he’s interacting with his daughter that is very endearing. I love the combo of having a hero who is truly a good, stand-up guy but who is also a freak in the bedroom, lol.

The heroine of the book, Tessa McAllen is trying to reinvent herself. Have you ever attempted at taking full rein of some aspect of your life to reinvent yourself before like Tessa has?

Hmm, good question. I don’t know if I’ve reinvented myself. I’m one of those people who can’t take on a persona—which did not serve me well in high school, lol. I am who I am. But I’ve definitely reinvented my career. I graduated with a Masters in Social Work and did both social work and HR for the first few years of my career. Even though I always loved to write, I didn’t plan on being an author. Not until I stayed home with my son did I decide to chase that old dream of mine. And now here I am with a totally different career. : )

This story was surprising in a way that Kade’s story had deeper roots than I thought it would. He had so many more layers than I suspected! What were some of the hardest things for you to write about his story?

Thanks, I’m glad he surprised you! : ) As for the hardest thing, there’s a flashback scene near the end where you find out what really happened to Kade. That scene, by far, is the most difficult one I’ve ever had to write. But I felt like it was necessary to show the depth of how much he’s overcome. And to be honest, I didn’t know Kade had so many layers until I started his story. But once I began trying to figure out why he was who he was, all this stuff started to come together in my head.

I love second chance romances and this series, I find, reinvents that trope in many different ways. For Kade and Tessa, you slowly unveiled their past while they were developing their present connection. Building up both separately as the reader got deeper into the story. I loved that! What is your favorite thing about second chance romances that has made you write a few?

Thanks! And I do love second chance stories because I think it adds depth when people have known each other that long. And with this story, I loved being able to write a few flashback chapters of Kade and Tessa in high school–one, because it was like writing a mini-YA within a romance, which was fun, and two, because I wanted to show that these sexy, self-assured dominant men we see in romances didn’t necessarily start out that way. I think the sexiest guys in adulthood are often the nerds/geeks/outcasts all grown up. So I wanted to write that guy.

Do you have a favorite quote from this book?

My fave quote is this one because it’s so very Kade.

Muscular man

Lets get creative… If all your heroes had to bring ONE item to a party at The Ranch, what would each bring and why?

Hmm, what kind of party? Lol.

Reid from Crash Into You – he probably wouldn’t come because he’s not really into parties.

Jace from Melt Into You – Jace would provide the party gifts because he owns a sex toy store and would be happy to give people kinky stuff.

Andre from Melt Into You – He’d probably provide the music.

Grant from Fall Into You – Grant would plan the night and try to maintain control over the whole party.

Wyatt from Caught Up In You – He would provide the movies for when everyone wants to chill

Foster and Pike from Not Until You – They would provide the alcohol (wine from Foster, hard liquor from Pike).

Kade – He would provide the food since he owns a chain of restaurants

Colby – He’d provide the place because he has a nice pool.

This is definitely one of my favorite series, you never disappoint!  What can we expect to see from here?  I know you teased us a bit at the end with Colby’s story, but will we see Sam and Gibson soon or am I way off base?

Aww, thanks! : ) There’s lots to come. There will be a novella in September about past characters (details will be announced soon on who exactly it is). Then NOT UNTIL YOU, the serial, will be released in paperback in November. And yes, Colby is next to get a full book, NOTHING BETWEEN US, which will come out in January and will be a ménage story. As for Gibson and Sam—yes, you will see more of them in a future book. More on that soon, too : )

Any new plans for Roni Loren outside of this series?

Yes, for the first time I’m stepping outside of my series here and there for other projects. I’ve just recently contributed a New Adult novella to the RIDING DESIRE Bad Boy Biker boxed set (which just hit the NYT Bestseller list – yay!) and I contributed a m/m New Adult story to the FIFTY FIRST TIMES anthology. Then in August, I’ll be releasing a novella in the multi-author Invitation to Eden series—my book will be called Blurring the Lines and will be a contemporary romance with a fantasy twist. : ) So it’s a busy, busy year!

Yes busy year!  Thanks for stopping by as always and sharing with us.  Always a pleasure. 🙂



She’s making a wish list, and he wants to be on top.

From foster kid to trophy wife, Tessa McAllen is about to reinvent herself all over again—and defy every insult her cheating ex-husband ever used against her: Selfish? She’s championing a charity. Stupid? She’s getting her degree.

Boring in bed?

Kade Vandergriff can help her with that one. When they encounter each other at a singles event held at one of his restaurants, Tessa blurts out that kink is for girls who try too hard, and Kade instantly wants to show this sassy stranger how thrilling a night under his command can be…but when he learns her name, the game changes for both of them.

In high school, Tessa was the popular girl who stuttering, awkward Kade fell for. But she chose another. Now, as she eagerly learns lesson after lesson, he’s going to make sure she never forgets him again.

Purchase links:

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1fvaM9W

Kindle: http://amzn.to/1hISXHH

Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/1js7pRM

The Book Depository: http://bit.ly/1bZRwCx

IndieBound: http://bit.ly/OrHfV5

Books a Million: http://bit.ly/1cFIM2g


Her heart was thumping and blood was roaring through her veins, heating all the best spots. She couldn’t do this, right? She didn’t even know this guy. Considering a quickie with him had been risky enough. But sending her ride home and spending the whole night with him was a whole different story. “I can’t go home with you.”

He leaned down and brushed his lips along her jaw, his blond hair falling forward and tickling her cheek. “We don’t have to go anywhere but here.”

Even the simple touch had her ready to groan aloud, her body starved for this kind of night. This kind of man. How long had it been since she’d felt so desired, so utterly seduced? Maybe never. Somehow, he made it all feel so easy, so natural. Like saying no would be a preposterous notion. Even though it was the most logical answer.

But that logic angel sitting on her shoulder didn’t seem to have much fight to her tonight. No, instead there was another altogether deviant voice whispering in her ear. Stop denying yourself. You need this. You’ve earned an indulgence. A woman should not live by vibrator alone.

She took a long, shuddering breath, letting the temptation take her under. “I’ll text her.”

“Good girl,” he said, the words she’d normally find patronizing like a hot caress against her. “I’ll make sure it’s worth the trouble.”

After Tessa had sent the text and gotten one back from Sam, complete with about twelve exclamation points following her OMG, Van left for a few minutes to bring her keys down. And he must have brought them in person because Sam sent another text shortly afterward.

HOLY shit, girl. U’ve hit the hook-up lottery. Enjoy the condoms!

Tessa was still laughing when Van came through the doorway. He smiled. “What’s so funny?”

“My friend approves of you.”

He gave her a roguish grin. “I’m charming that way.”

“And she thinks you’re hot,” she said matter-of-factly. “That goes a long with Sam.”

He laughed, not bothering to deflect the assessment of his hotness, and crossed his arms. “And what do you think?”

She lifted her chin, jaunty. “I think I don’t like cocky guys.”

He stepped in front of her chair and braced his hands on the table behind her, caging her in. His expression held playful challenge when he leaned in her space. “Liar.”

She raised her eyebrows. “How would you know?”

“Because you didn’t wait a whole year only to waste a night with some guy who’s unsure of himself.” He put his lips next to her ear, his voice turning dark and ripe with promise. “I may be cocky, but I’m not going to fumble around. I’m not going to lie back and wait for you to take the lead. I’m going to feed you the best meal of your life. Bite by bite. Then I’m going to fuck you. And I promise, when you wake up tomorrow, you won’t remember the food.”


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  1. This series has been on my radar for a little while now. Every time I hear you or other readers talk about it, I just want it even more. There’s some Amazon GC’s that may be calling its name.

  2. Thanks for the interview, this book and most likely the whole series sounds like something I would like.

  3. Outcast, second chance, humor and a dose of darkness? Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! You just spoke the magic words! Open sesame to a great story.

  4. I enjoyed getting the background details about the characters and what’s coming up from the review. Kade’s a favorite. Love the series!

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.