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We are so extremely excited to have with us today the talented Keri Arthur.  Her RILEY JENSON series has been one of my favorite series, one that I loved and devoured and she’s been writing some kick ass books ever since!  Her new series DARK ANGELS, which is loosely a spin-off of the Riley series, is one not to be missed.  Here to celebrate the recent release of the fourth book in the series, DARKNESS HUNTS…please welcome Keri to UTC!


Can you please introduce yourself for those readers who are just discovering your books?
Well, I’m Keri Arthur, the author of both the Riley Jenson, Guardian series, and the Dark Angels series. I’m an Aussie, live in Melbourne (the place where both stories are set), and I’m a former function and dessert chef. I’m also addicted to green tea and dark chocolate 

Your Dark Angels series is one of my favorite Urban Fantasy series out there right now. How did you come up the idea for this series?

It grew out of the Riley Jenson series. Risa first appeared in Tempting Evil (the 3rdin the series), but she was supposed to be little more than a baby Riley had to rescue in order to get the information on the bad guy she was hunting. I hadn’t planned for her to be in any other book, but in them she was–sometimes you just can’t keep a good character down! By the time she’d become a toddler who could see death and who had her ‘aunt’ Riley wrapped around her little finger, I knew she just had to have her own series. And while Quinn’s Aedh background was mentioned in the Riley Jenson series, I really hadn’t explored who the Aedh were, and what their role as priests were. The Dark Angel series gave me that chance.I’ve loved Risa from the beginning. She’s sexy, smart and tough. How would you say Risa has grown throughout the series?
In many ways, I think she started out somewhat naive and entirely too trusting. She’d been trained to fight by her aunt and uncle, but wasn’t really mentally tough. I think she’s becoming that now. She’s certainly learning trust is something that should be earned, not instantly given.Azriel is one of the many reasons why I love this series. Risa and Azriel have incredible chemistry, but cannot really act on their desires. What do you think Risa sees in Azriel that makes him so desirable and similarly, what do you think Azriel sees in Risa that makes her desirable?
Tough question! For Azriel, it’s her humanity–her warmth, her passion for–and belief in–her friends, and her desire to do whatever it takes to protect those she loves, even if it means putting her own life on the line (something that also frustrates the hell out of him given he was sent to protect her).  For Risa–I think it’s the strength she finds when she’s with him–and the fact he is as sexy as hell. 😉DARKNESS HUNTS steps away from the search to find the keys and focuses on a more immediate concern where a faceless killer is toying with Risa. What can readers expect from this book?
Lots of twists and turns, and hopefully, one hell of a read!Lucian and Jak make regular appearances in DARKNESS HUNTS. So the question stands….Will Risa ever find love? 😉
Now, you know I can’t answer that without stepping into spoiler territory. But those who have read the Riley Jenson series can probably guess the answer given the same question hung over that series. And I am a believer in happy endings–or at least semi happy ones  😉The series is set in Australia. How important was having the series take place in the country you’re from?
It’s important in that I live in and love Melbourne, and it’s so much easier to write a series set in a place I’m familiar with rather than one I’m not. Plus, I don’t think there were any urban fantasy novels set here before I wrote the Riley Jenson series, and it’s always nice to have a somewhat different setting to other novels. Besides, Melbourne is such a great city–lots of gothic architecture, little laneways, and fabulous cafes.  🙂
What does a typical work day look like for you? How many hours do you write a day?
A typical day for me is walking the dogs after breakfast, then heading off to the gym for a couple of hours exercise. After lunch, I sit down and write. I generally don’t have a set amount of hours to write, but rather a required page amount. I aim for 5 pages every day. Sometimes I get more, sometimes less, but I can generally have the first draft of a book done in three months.Do you keep or toss any rejection letters you may have?
Before I was published, I used to screw them up, jump up and down on them a few times, then toss them in the bin. Made me feel a whole lot better. Then, after a few days, I’d retrieve them, re-read them, and make a mental note of all the things I’d been doing wrong  🙂  These days, rejections go through my agent, so they’re easier to cope with.What’s next for Keri Arthur?
After Darkness Hunts, my next release is the paperback re-release of Beneath a Darkening Moon. Darkness Unmasked, the next Dark Angels novel, comes out in June 2013. I’m currently working on Darkness Splintered, the 6th book.
Well, there you have it!  You are now seeing why you HAVE to read everything Keri Arthur has ever written right?  Thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions!
About the AuthorThe Unofficial Bio:
I’m a born and bred Melbourne (Australia) gal, and grew up sharing my life with dragons, elves, vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters and the occasional talking horse. Which worried my family to no end. Of course, now that I’m actually make a living sharing my life with the above mentioned creatures, they no longer contemplate calling the men with the little white coat. When not at my keyboard, I can be found at the gym, sitting front of the TV, or taking my two dogs for a walk.

Risa Jones, half-Aedh/half-werewolf, can enter the realm between life and death. She can speak to the dying and the dead, and she can see the Reapers, collectors of souls. What she can not yet see is the identity of a stranger murdering women and draining their blood. Now Risa must summon her gifts to find him, even if it means putting her own life in danger. But Risa needn’t look far. The killer knows who she is.

He tells her his victims are infected by darkness and he’s fated to destroy them. Fascinated by Risa, he engages her in a sinister game: the chance to save the life of his next victim by deciphering his series of clues. In a race against time, she enlists the help of the Reaper Azriel.

But as an attraction between them grows, so does the fear that the stranger’s motives are only part of a larger, more dangerous scheme—one that has lured Risa and Azriel into the dark.
Penguin Group has FIVE (5) copies of DARKNESS HUNTS up for grabs.US ONLY!

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  1. I don’t care where a book is set, but I must admit that when a book is set somewhere I’ve never heard of (Forks in Twilight, Olathe Kansas in Sentinel Wars etc), I learn something new.
    So that is kind of cool, but where isn’t as important as the story itself.

    P.S. I love Riley Jensen, and I am on book 4: DAngerous Games

  2. I don’t really have a preference about settings, but if a book is set in a city or different country, I want that to play an important role in the story.

  3. Good post! Where a book is set really isn’t as important as several other factors such as character development, writing style, plot pace – just to name a few. That said any books set near where I live will get purchased much faster. Thanks for the giveaway

  4. To me where a book is set is not important, unless its somewhere I have been and is not described right. Love this series. Thx for the giveaway.

  5. I think the setting in any book is important but I’m not picky! If you want to set it in a common everyday setting or in exotic setting doesn’t matter as long as the author does the setting justice.

  6. A setting is very important for a book because it provides a backdrop for the main character and can help with conflict and the storyline. My favorite is futuristic New York in the Eve Dallas series.

  7. I think the setting of the book is pretty important. I love reading about places that I will probably never get the chance to visit. I don’t really have a favorite place. One of the reasons I got into Keri Arthur’s books is because it is set in Australia. I absolutely love her books and writing. I have read every single one of her books except for Darkness Hunts.

  8. Thanks for the great post and giveaway! I’ve been dying to read this series 😉 Ummm… setting doesn’t matter so much to me. Just story and characters!

  9. The setting of a book adds the flavor to the story, so it’s fairly important. I’ve enjoyed Keri’s stories set in Australia (Melbourne) because I’ve never been there but I feel like I have from reading her books. I love stories set in New Orleans as well, it’s a great place to set urban fantasy stories.

  10. I love the Riley Jenson series and have read serversl other books by Keri. Al of them are part of my library. I am looking forward to reading this latest book.

  11. Keri is a new to me author i am actually surprised i have not read anything by her but i will be fixing that very soon! the setting of the books doesnt have make me like or dislike a book to me it just sets every thing up for the on coming HEA. thank you for introducing me to a new to me author!

  12. I don’t think the place matters as much as how it is described or presented to me. So, as long as I can envision, and feel like I know the basics of the surroundings, I’m a happy woman.

    My favorite settings are mountain country, and more foreign places like Australia, Ireland, Greece.. . Since Ive only ever been to Texas, Florida, and Arizona, I love feeling like I’m spreading my wings. 🙂

  13. I enjoy certain places as settings but it is not what makes or breaks a book for me. I do love books that center around wilderness surroundings the most.

  14. Settings for a story are important in that it’s the characters’ world and I love being transported to that world…so there’s not a particular setting I prefer (outdoors, city, alien, other dimension, different time periods, etc) I like it to be as real to me as I read as it is to the character living in it.

  15. My fave has always been in the Highlands of Scotland…but really, if it fits the book, I do not care. Thank you!!

  16. The settings don’t really matter to me to much unless they don’t make sense with the story of the book. Some of the most memorable are small towns from small town romances where everyone knows everyone else. Those are crucial parts of the story and wouldn’t make sense if they weren’t there.

  17. I think it really depends on the story itself. In contemporary, I really like the small town settings, but in paranormals and UF, I really like the bigger city’s. New Orleans is a favorite and I liked the night setting in that town and the dangerous and mystical places that were mentioned in Jocelynn Drakes Dark Days series. I also like finding books that involve Seattle. Those are fun because it’s a city I am familar with and when places are mentioned I can visualze it better becasue I’ve seen it first hand

  18. It really depends on the type of book, for me. For some reason, I only like historical romances in England, Scotland, Ireland, or the US. Paranormal romances can take place anywhere.

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