Hi Maidens! Hoping you’re enjoying UTC After Dark so far! We are definitely having a blast! Moving on to our next paranormal author celebrating with us is Karin Harlow! Karin writes wicked hot paranormal romantic suspense. I fell in love with Enemy Lover, the first in the series and am now sharing my love with you! For more information on Karin Harlow and her books, please visit her website here.
Now let’s chat with Karin! First off, thank you so much for being part of UTC After Dark! 

Thank you for having me!!

Simply put, L.O.S.T. is badass. How did you get the idea for Last Option Special Team?

I was watching The Dirty Dozen for the umpteenth time with hubby. I had just watched one of the Mission Impossible movies and I thought, hmm, what if I combined the two? And voila, L.O.S.T. was born.

Jax Cassidy is such a great heroine. Spunky, strong and doesn’t let the men around her push her around. How did you make sure that her man was good enough for her?
Jax literally popped in my head one day. She was bigger than life and in my face demanding retribution. Marcus came a little slower. I can’t just create a character; they have to come to me. I knew whoever Jax hooked up with would have to be as damaged as she was so that as kindred souls they could heal. The first scene where we meet Marcus is how he came to me. He was bad, and he made no excuses for who he was or what he was. But I also had a glimpse of his long lost humanity in how he handled the little girl. I fell in love right then and there and I knew he was Jax’s man.

For readers who haven’t read Enemy Mine, can you tell us a bit about it? 

Another emotional meat grinder. Nikko and I go way back. I’ve known him and his issues for a long time, it was nice to finally give him his story, but finding the right woman for him was tough. There was no doubt when I began the LOST series that Nikko would be a part of that fabulous team. When I met Selena, she was kicking deamon ass. She was sexy, smart and extremely skilled. I knew she was the woman from Nikko’s past, and not only his nemesis but the only woman he would ever love. In ENEMY MINE the supernatural world is further exposed then it was in ENEMY LOVER. I wanted to keep the story set in the human world, and keep the otherworld simple. The deamon aspect of that got a little bit away from me, but I went with it, and I’m glad I did.

At its core, ENEMY MINE is a tumultuous love story set against a ticking time bomb to save the human world from the deamons who want supreme otherworld power.

What was it about Selena and Nikko that made you want to write their book next? 
As I said, I love me some Nikko. He and I have a long standing relationship and it was past time I gave him the spotlight.

I was really intrigued by Gage in Enemy Lover. Will you be writing a book for him?

I’m going to be writing another LOST book in the near future, I’m thinking Gage might finally meet his match…

How do you balance the paranormal romance and suspense aspects of each story? 
When I first began writing many moons ago, I wrote straight romantic suspense. Even my erotic romance books, the hot cops I write as Karin Tabke have a suspense thread. For me there really is no balance issue because the paranormal element is more a character thing than anything else. Having the suspense aspect is how I roll so it’s just a matter of coming up with a viable believable suspense plot.

Do you think in future books you’ll be exploring different supernatural races? 
Absolutely. I can’t wait to dive into the lycan world. The Blood Moon Rising trilogy I’m writing as Karin Tabke for Berkely Heat has been a blast. I love the primal aspects of lycan. Then there are the sexy fey, and I suspect, there will be a prequel featuring the mysterious Rurik, and of course the naughty Joran will have the spotlight as well.

What’s the major different in writing style between Karin Harlow and your other pen name, Karin Tabke?
Harlow writes paranormal romantic suspense. The L.O.S.T. stories are meatier plotwise, and they are most definitely edgy, but so are my Tabke books just lighter and more relationship focused in that the h/h have more page time together.

Whose book will be next after Enemy Mine? 
Not sure yet, maybe Gage, maybe…Shane…?

Out of all the men in the L.O.S.T. crew, who steals YOUR heart? 
They all do, but whenever I’m asked this question Jax jumps out first with Marcus hot on her heels. But I have to tell you, Godfather has me intrigued beyond fascination. He just keeps simmering in my head. I will conclude the series with his story, because as of yet, I’m not sure if there is a woman out there for him!

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  1. Good stuff in the interview. I am positively dying for more on the Godfather. How mysterious and guarded is he? Yummo. Shane is nothing to sneeze at either, shoot I’ll take em all.

  2. Great interview! I’ve always enjoyed reading your interviews. It’s fun and informative.

    I thinks this book is great and I hope to win it and get a chance to read it..

  3. Hi Karin! Nice to meet you:) I recently received some swag which promoted Enemy Mine and this got me intrigued to read your book. Thank you for the chance to win one of your books:)

    Sarah Bibi Setar

  4. Thank you for letting me know that you are hosting a giveaway for this book! I have the first book and havent started it yet. That would be awesome to win this one and then read them back to back!

    Cheers, MichelleKCanada

  5. I have this serie in my TBR pile…and I think it just jump a few pegs…
    Although I haven’t read it yet the Godfather sounds rather intriquing. Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. I haven’t started this series yet, but it’s pretty high up on my TBR list. The Lycans series sounds pretty intriguing,I will have to watch out for that one as well! Thanks so much for the interview and the contest 🙂 Book Savvy Babe

  7. That was a good interview! I always think it is fascinating how an author’s characters seem to just come to them entirely intact like they are really meeting them.

    Looking forward to trying out this series now.

    Thanks for posting!

  8. Haven’t read anything from this series, but I love a romantic story set in the middle of a ticking time bomb. So I would love to read this book. thanks for the giveaway. lisagk(at)yahoo(dot)com

  9. So, nice to hear so many of you enjoyed the interview, I enjoyed the questions!

    and speaking of questions, if you have any, feel free to ask away. 🙂

  10. This looks like a fun series! I’m a sucker for paranormal books and these look great! I’m also looking forward to this lycan and sexy fey world you’re speaking of! LOVE all my supernaturals and loving the idea of all these books 🙂 Thanks so much for doing this and adding these to the TBR pile 🙂 Thanks Beth for posting on our Paranormal Addicts page! you’re the best 🙂

    paranormaladdicts at yahoo dot com

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