As fans of Pamela Clare and her I-Team series, as well as fans of audiobooks, we were more than excited when we heard that this wonderful series was coming to audio.  And we all know how narrators are so important to our enjoyment of a book.  So we decided to go behind the scenes and get the scoop on Kaleo Griffith, who will be narrating the I-Team for all our listening pleasure.  Here’s what we found out.

Hi Kaleo, welcome to UTC!  Lets start with something simple…Who is Kaleo Griffith? Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m a lover of the great outdoors! You name it- hiking, biking, climbing, skiing, almost anything with an ing. It’s not just the physical pursuit, but the discovery as well. Sometimes it’s just a strong sense of feeling exceptionally good, maybe even spiritual. In Hawaii, we call this “mana”. You can feel it when you step off the plane in Honolulu! I think growing up there gave me a healthy appreciation for the natural world. I’m a mixed bag of Hawaiian, Portuguese, Welsh, etc..or “hapa”. I have one sister, brother, and two awesome nieces. Plenty of fun-loving cousins too-spread out over all of the islands. . , I was a pretty nervous, shy kid. My mother however, my hero, encouraged me to be bold. Soon I found myself on stage where I was quite comfortable and alive. I found my voice. After a Master’s degree at Rutgers I was off to the races in NYC. I spent time on several soaps and traveled around the country quite a bit doing lots of theatre. Eventually, after some tv work in NYC, a hosting job on HGTV brought me out to Los Angeles where I reside currently. Some nutty things Ive done: hang gliding; skinny dipping in the Atlantic in January on Cape Cod; ice climbing; traveling across Europe by myself when I was 20; chasing after a drunk driver down a one way street…going the wrong way!

Is this your first time recording an audiobook?
No, this is not my first book. I’ve been recording audiobooks for 1 year exactly so Im fairly new in this medium. I’ve recorded about 30 this year and I absolutely love it!

What are you most looking forward to while recording Extreme Exposure?
Recording Extreme Exposure was an absolute pleasure. I was captivated with the characters Clare has written and the interweaving of love and drama. It’s very easy to get emotionally involved and I certainly did.

What do you think is the most time consuming thing about the process of recording an audiobook?
The most time consuming thing about an audiobook is the best part of it and that’s the recording of it. Putting together the character list and voices doesn’t usually take as long as the actual recording and if I’ve done my homework well then the recording flows and it’s a lot of fun.

The I-Team series deals with a lot of action and suspense, do you think you have what it takes to be a hero in one of Pamela Clare’s novels?
Could I be a hero in one of Pamela Clare’s novels? You mean, could I kick Julian’s or Reece’s ass? Well, Julian may be tough, he does martial arts AND carries a gun. Hmm, I’d take on Reece before Julian. The answer is yes, absolutely. Her next could be about an Island savage torn between the love a woman and that of duty.

Do you like to read books? If so, what are your favorite titles?
My favorite books are geopolitical and adventure. However, the only books I read these days are the ones I record because I’ve been so busy recording!

Pamela Clare said she had a nice phone call with you. How was that experience, getting the chance to chat with the author of the books you will be recording?

Talking with Pamela was terrific. She’s very down to earth, approachable, remarkably candid, with an incredible history. She has much to draw from and it is evident in her writing. It was great to connect story and detail of character, important points, and get a sense of overall tone that might help my performance. Conversing with her was like talking to an old friend.

Fun questions!
Sunrise or sunset?
Beach or Mountains? Mountains!
Favorite drink? Glass of red, Petite Syrah maybe!
Favorite color? Deep Blue
Favorite movie? Anything with Daniel Day Lewis or On Golden Pond
Favorite musical band? Anything with Daniel Day Lewis or On Golden Pond
Johnny Cash

I-Team audiobook release schedule:
Extreme Exposure (Book 1) – October 29– OUT TODAY!!!
Hard Evidence (Book 2) – November 19
Unlawful Contact (Book 3) – November 26
Naked Edge (Book 4) – December 17
Breaking Point (Book 5) – December 31
Striking Distance (Book 6) – May 7, 2013

Extreme Exposure
by Pamela Clare
Narrated by Kaleo Griffith
I-Team # 1

Sparks fly when a hardboiled reporter meets a handsome senator. But a political scandal—and attempts on her life—could drive them apart. Or maybe adversity could draw them into a bond even more intense than their steamy sexual embraces.

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  1. Wow! I’m really looking forward to listening to this audiobook. I think I’ve read the book at least 6 times. And it looks really “well loved”. So, instead of stressing the binding any further, now I can listen whenever the need arises. I like the chemistry between the two main characters and the strong heroine with her responsibilities.

  2. So incredibly stoked for the audio version of this series! I love the I-Team, and I have a bit of an audiobook obsession, so this is a match made in heaven for me 🙂

  3. What a good interview. IT’s nice to read about the other side of the book biz, so to speak. I might just go ahead and buy a couple because I would love to hear a romance novel audio.

  4. I finally got in! Hurray! I tried Safari instead of Firefox.

    Thanks so much for the wonderful interview with Kaleo. I really enjoyed learning more about him.

    And thanks, Kaleo, for your kind words about the stories.

    I have listened up through through the first big kiss, and I think Kaleo did a fantastic job. One can’t help but be nervous about something like this, but I am not only relieved, I’m over the moon with how much I am enjoying the story.

  5. I love to listen to audio books and have been waiting for Pamela’s I-Team series to be available. I picked this one up immediately. So far, the buzz about it on Pamela’s site has been positive.

  6. I’ve recently given in to audio books because I now end up in the far for quite a few hours more frequently. I love reading these interviews and seeing how much work goes into the actual recording.

    I love that reading the books is part of the job, it sounds like a really great way to spend your life :).

  7. Hope you’re all enjoying it! Pamela, it’s my pleasure. Angela & Under the Covers Team, thank you again for sharing time with me. I’m really enjoying the series. And fans, I hope you have as much fun listening as I am recording!