Welcome back, Jacki! Thanks for coming back to Under the Covers! What can you tell us about your new The World of the Nightwalkers series? Will we need to read your Nightwalkers series before we can dive in and fully understand what is happening?

Of course I WANT you to read the entire Nightwalkers series…I have a mortgage to pay after all. J But you don’t have to in order to follow along. We see glimpses of the original world at this point, but hold tight because as we move onward some old friends just might start showing up. J

This world shows us new Nightwalker races that we’ve not been aware of before…but don’t be too surprised because the original Nightwalkers never heard of them before either. Although there was that library…

Ram the hero in your new book Forbidden is a Bodywalker. What exactly is a Bodywalker and what gave you the idea for it?

Bodywalkers are spirits that have ‘invaded’ human hosts, for want of a better term, and are sharing the hosts body. Two souls, one body. But the visiting soul comes with really nice abilities, so it’s a fair trade…as long as you’re a host for the good Bodywalkers that is. The bad ones…not so much.

If you only had twenty dollars in your purse, what would you buy?

Shoes. Cheap ones, but shoes. Or cat food. Depends on the season lol. Kitten season I buy nothing but kitten food and toys and blankets and beds and…you get the idea.

If you could write a warning label for yourself as a person or an author, what would it say?

As an author: NEVER ever trust me to do what you expect. NEVER. ALWAYS trust me to get you where you want to go.

If you could pick anyone in the world to be the cover model(s) on your latest release, who would it be? (You can provide visual aids as well, preferably sexy ones ;P)

Oh yeah baby! Hmmm. Ram, our hero…that’s hard cuz he’s a blond. And I don’t go for blonds. But let me do my best.

Henry Cavil. Make him blond and he’s your man.

You are hosting a dinner party. Which fictional characters would you invite to the party and why?

The Cat in the Hat. Just cuz I wanna bitchslap him for giving cats a bad rap.

Since you are just starting out a new series, we figured that you would require new names for your heroines. May we suggest these fabulous names such as, Annie, Suzanne, Angela or Francesca? *waggles eyebrows*

You can suggest all you like…

We’re all friends here, right? So, come on, tell us…Have you ever…

Started writing naked…Constantly.

“Tested’” your hero and heroines sexy moves out, ya know, just to make sure they are realistic…
I do work from memory sometimes. Does that count?

Started staring at members of the public thinking “hmmm you look just like Jacob (or any of your other characters) …” Then followed them around? Or is that just me?

I’ve looked and thought…(very rarely does this occur because, let’s face it, people are ugly) but nooooo…no following, ya freak.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

Thanks for having me. And thanks for the great unusual questions! I hate the stuff I can cut and paste answers to because I’ve answered them so often!

Publication Date:  October 30, 2012
Preorder Now:
From New York Times bestselling author Jacquelyn Frank comes this first book in The World of the Nightwalkers—an exciting and sensual new spin-off series in which the Bodywalkers, an ancient race of the night, battles the evil forces who prey on them.
The unexpected happens in an instant. On her way to work, secretary Docia Waverley hurtles into a crashing crossroads, and she quickly begins to suspect that things will never be the same. Then, when a tall, blond, muscular stranger intervenes on her behalf, telling her it is his duty to protect her at all cost, what is just a feeling turns to proof positive. That is, as long as Docia’s savior doesn’t turn out to be a crazed kidnapper.
When Ram finds Docia, he has no doubt that she is his queen. But as this golden warrior sweeps in to protect her, he feels something more than body heat every time they touch. He is overwhelmed by a searing connection that goes deep into the twin souls inside him. A desire rises in him that is forbidden—this woman is his queen, the mate of his king, his leader, his best friend. And yet Docia is so vulnerable and attractive that she awakens a hunger in Ram that is undeniable, a carnal craving he cannot yield to . . . not without risking the very survival of the Bodywalkers.


(The World of Nightwalkers #2)

Publication Date:  March 26, 2013
Preorder Now:
After being brought back from death, police officer Jackson Waverly receives the shock of his life: he has become host to a Bodywalker, a spirit that is reborn in flesh and blood, and part of a proud, ancient race that uses its extraordinary gifts to battle dark, evil forces. Jackson’s spirit is a powerful one—none other than the Egyptian pharaoh Menes, who longs to reunite with his eternal love, the Egyptian queen Hatshepsut.

While Menes is obsessed with finding the perfect vessel for his queen, Jackson cannot stop thinking about Dr. Marissa Anderson, the gorgeous precinct shrink who keeps pushing him to confront his grief over the loss of his K-9 partner. But what Marissa really arouses most in Jackson is intense desire, which is exactly what Menes is looking for. To fight a great enemy, pharaoh and queen must join; but to host Hatshepsut, Marissa will first have to die. Fate has given Jackson a profound choice: save Marissa from Menes’ plan or keep an entire species from the brink of extinction.

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About the Author:

New York Times bestselling author Jacquelyn Frank is an old and decrepit 44 years old. She can’t remember shit, loves her eight cats to the point of lunacy, and lives in the mountains of Western North Carolina. She prides herself on being a crazy cat lady in the making (if not having already succeeded) and spends her free time rescuing teeny tiny kittens barely big enough to fill the inside of a toilet paper roll. You can watch for upcoming projects at www.jacquelynfrank.com or you can write to her at [email protected]. If you’re writing her to complain about something, make sure you finish the book before you do 😉 She loves to mess with your head.

You can also find Jacki on:
Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads

We have an awesome opportunity for you! Up for grabs is a signed copy of Forbidden for two lucky maidens who answer the question: What is your favorite JF book and why? Be detailed! She’ll be watching…

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  1. I haven’t read your books yet, but they are at the top of my wishlist.
    It’s that your books aren’t easy to come by in Belgium or I would have bought and read them already. They sound great!!

  2. I’m affraid I have only read Seduce me in dreams so far. I loved it because the aliens and different worlds weren’t too hard to imagine, it was fast pacing and the struggles of the main characters with their emotions and actions was believable.

    gcosta AT mufley DOT com

  3. I haven’t read any of your books yet either but if i’m not mistaken i saw that they was going to have a french translation soon (available in Belgium) so i will perhaps finally get this opportunity because english version is not easy to find it that’s true

    all the best

  4. I have read just about all of your books. It’s so hard to pick a favorite, but if I must choose it would be Adam. He’s definitely my kind of guy, he would do anything to protect his family. Love all the series, keep up the great work! Thanks for the giveaway and I’m looking forward to reading the new series.

    [email protected]

  5. I would have to pick Noah or Jacob. I LOVED the entire Nightwalker series but those two were the firsts ones I read and I was hooked. I can’t wait to read the new ones!

  6. *sniff sniff* Sadly, I haven’t read any of Jacquelyn’s books but after looking over her site and her books, I’m going to start! Not sure which series to begin with, though! They all look so good and unique.

  7. I’m like the only one who hasn’t read any of Jacquelyn’s books 🙁 She’s on the top of my want list though! Thanks for the great post and giveaway!

  8. I have not read any of your books yet. This is a great interview and I look forward to reading these books. I will also look for other books by you. Thank you.

  9. I haven’t had a chance to read any of her books yet, but they all look great and I am looking forward to them. I just need to pick one to start 🙂

  10. My favorite book is Jacob because it is the book that welcomes you into JF’s magical world! I also love Jacob and Bella and that scene in the library. 🙂

  11. It would have to be the first book of Jacki’s that I read, Jacob. Why?, Because it was fantastic, a roller coaster ride that you never knew when the twists and turns were coming. Lots of emotion.
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

  12. My favorite book is Rapture because I thought it was a wonderful story. I’ve only read Ecstasy and Rapture so far, but have quite a few others on my TBR shelf that I’m looking forward to reading.

  13. I can’t choose because I love all of her Nightwalker hero’s. Every time I read one of her books I love that hero the most at that time. I think they are all just so sexy and I love to reread their stories over and over.

  14. Jacob is my favorite.It pulled me into this series.I couldn’t put this book down. And I still have to read a few more in the series.Thanks for the giveaway

  15. I too have to pick Jacob because he is the one that introduced me to the Nightwalkers world!! Absolutely love this whole series and cannot wait for Forbidden to be released!

  16. I LOVE all of Jacquelyn’s work and although Jacob was my first taste of her back in the day I think I will have to go with Drink of Me as my favorite. There was something about the world building and chemistry between the two main characters that really did it for me. Beautiful!!

    [email protected]

  17. I have read and love all of Jacqueline’s books from Jacob to Adam, Trace to Guin, Julian, Adrian, Bronse, Rush, Vejhon & Reule. So as you know if you have read them all you can’t choose just one so I love Noah because this book encompassed all of the Nightwalkers and characters and Drink of Me there was something about this book that just stayed with me I really hope one day Jacqueline adds to this book.

    [email protected]

  18. I love both Gideon and Drink of Me. Gideon would probably win in the end. Hmmm… lets see why do I love the book. I’d have to say because of Gideon. I have a huge crush on him. Gotta love a man whose self-confidant to the extreme. Sometimes that’s annoying but with him it works just fine.

  19. I loved the entire Nightwalkers series, but I think I am going to have to say that it is a tie between Noah and Jacob. Once I read Jacob, I had to buy the rest and read asap. Thanks for making such great stories. Can’t wait to read the new ones!!

    [email protected]

  20. I’ve read so many of her books so it’s hard to pick just one but since I have to, I pick Drink of Me as my favorite.

    It was the one who had characters I really loved. I really liked what they were going through, how they showed their emotions how I felt like I was there witnessing everything that was going on and Mystique is just a wonderful heroine.

    [email protected]

  21. I think so far my favorite is Adam. I loved the backstory and the twists and the play with time. Also I love the Alpha Male Hero and he is totally that!

  22. Absolutely love the Nightwalker series, and have read all your books, so I’m excited to see what the spin off has to offer. Great interview too!!

  23. It is hard to say which is my favorite. I think I might have to go with Jacob because that was the first book I read of hers. It gave me a preview to most of the characters and gave me my first taste of the series. Plus…. Jacob is a hottie 🙂


  24. I read just one book, borrowed form my BF, the book of Gideon form Nightwalkers series. I totally, supremely LOVE Gideon!!!I wish I get the whole series, but…

    Why JF? Because I admire her ability to made me connect with her characters.

  25. I can answer that one so easily–GIDEON.

    It was the best written story, the most engaging love story in the series and it had the my two favorite characters: Gideon and Legna “Nelissuna”.

    One of my favorite lines in the story was when Noah saw Legna’s eyes were silver like Gideon’s eyes and he figure out what happened between Gideon & Legna and Legna had to plead her case to her Brother. In her mind gideon told her “Well done Nelis!”
    The way it was written always made that kudos comment resonate in my mind. they truly brought out the best in each other and they fit perfectly.
    They didn’t feel forced or rushed as a couple. they just fit like a hand in glove.
    I loved Gideon and Legna’s book.
    I own 2 paperback copies of Gideon

  26. I loved Gideon because he struggled with his claiming Magddelegna. Their relationship was so great because she is strong and she put him in his place. But, my favorite is Stealing Kathryn because I had Jacqueline Frank sign it at a book conference. It is on my keeper shelf!

  27. I loved Jacob. That is the only book I have read so far. I do like Gideon, but have not read his book. Jacob was great, he is a protector and very alpha male.
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    christinebails at yahoo dot com

  28. I liked all of them but Adams book was my fav, it made me laugh, cry, this book covered the whole emotional rollar coaster for me. Thx for the giveaway.

    blinkysthebest at aol dot com

  29. I have read just about all of Jackie’s books. My favorite is from the Shadowdweller’s series Rapture. Magnus is totally HOT and the sex scenes were off the charts. Daenaira was a kick ass heroine too. Thanks for having this giveaway!!

    kandj7299 at verizon dot net

  30. Ooh. I really loved Noah. It was so heart wrenching that he had to witness her “problem” and did what he could to save her, in turn alienating every one he loves. It was great drama and love and talking about it now makes me want to read it again…-zooms off to grab it-

  31. ALL OF THEM!!!OMG I was so bummed that I finished the nightwalker series, then the shadowdwellers(super HOT) and the gatherers…I’m SUPER STOKED that you will be giving me more of my favorite worlds and new characters for me to fall in love with! CAN’T WAIT!! And loved your quote on yourself…its so true!

  32. sorry wasn’t specific…i really can’t narrow it down to just one book, but I can say that the Shadowdwellers were my favorite of the series I’ve read..then the Nightwalkers. Really wish you would’ve been more hard on Ruth though! 😉 LOVE ALL OF YOUR WORK!

  33. Damien is my favorite. I fell in love with Damien the first time we met him, and I enjoyed watching the relationship develop between him and Syreena.

  34. Rapture is my favorite. I love how Daenaira brings Magnus to his knees, forcing him to view his role amongst his people in a different light. She shows him the flaws in his teachings while he shows her compassion, love, acceptance, and passion. They are perfect together, complimenting each other in every way. Their interactions are on fire and their romance is smoking hot.

  35. I love the Nightwalker series all the characters were brilliant my faves were GIDEON, NOAH,ELIJAH and JASMINE. can’t choose which book is my favorite out of the series they were all fantastic 🙂 I’d recommend them to anyone who hasn’t read them yet 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!


  36. Wll I only have one I can say is my favorite because it is the only Jacquelyn Franks and thats Drink of me. I loved the whole Jacquelyn has created. I really enjoyed it too and look forward to reading her other books..Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. Well, the only thing I can do is be honest and say that I haven’t read any of them. I’m hoping to start a collection now. lol
    Thank you for the chance…..

  38. How to pick a favorite?! I’m torn between Gideon & Elijah. Gideon & the whole I-don’t-even-have-to-touch-you-thing was exquisite. Elijah is just… Elijah.
    I hope to get into the new Nightwalker titles soon.