Holla Maidens! Welcome back! We’ve got a great author here today. Meet Darynda Jones, author of the wickedly funny, Charley Davidson series. If you haven’t read this series yet, you should. It’s funny, sexy read. If you want to check out Darynda’s website, we got you covered.

Now, help us welcome, Ms. Jones to UTC! Thanks for stopping by, Darynda!

Can you tell us a bit about your upcoming release, THIRD GRAVE DEAD AHEAD?

First, thank you so much for having me!!!

Third Grave steps up the suspense and danger quotient for Charley. I think this plot pushes her further than she’s ever been. Her passion for finding answers to the truly difficult questions puts her in serious risks in Third Grave, and her position becomes very precarious. I’m excited about presenting her character the way people have come to love her, yet drawing her into more dangerous scenarios. I was determined to bring a more harrowing quality to Third Grave.

For readers who haven’t read your books yet… why should people read about Charley Davidson?

Charley says the things most people only dream about saying and does the things most people wouldn’t consider doing. She’s irreverent, sassy and bold with a sense of audacious, raucous fun. Charley is dead-on serious about solving mysteries, almost to the point of creating her own mysteries to solve. She is determined, like a dog with a bone. She will not let go, but she is without a doubt the person you go to, the friend you depend on, the one that draws you in the deepest. She is seriously flawed, but exudes a fabulous, kick-ass attitude towards everything she sets her eyes on. And she loves chocolate. So there’s that.

Reyes is an enigma. What is it about him that makes him so desirable?

I’ve had years and years to build his character in my head. He is the ultimate fantasy man, a combination of every dark, brooding, anti-hero that could be imagined. He is capable of savage violence and built of sensuous shadows, every hot dream made into flesh. Reyes is that extremely dangerous being that every woman wishes would gentle just for her. Most women have a fantasy man that is beautiful and bad, who is tamed for no one else but her, and Reyes is that for me. He can be mysterious, stark, demanding, of questionable reputation, but with that one woman, he is everything she cries out for. That is Reyes.

We know rights to your books were sold to France, Milady/Bragelonne, Germany, Russia, Thailand, Poland, Turkish, Bulgarian, UK, Italy, Holland etc. How do you feel about this series going international? Did you expect it?

I truly did not expect to sell to any international markets. Ever. The fact that First Grave sold internationally was quite a surprise. It’s been a learning experience for me and provides a great opportunity to gain a clearer understanding about the overseas paranormal markets. I’m extremely honored to be in so many places.

We are excited to see the music video of Third Grave. And how awesome that it’s original music is by your DH. You were also a part of the film crew for the video. How exciting for both of you! Can tell us about your experience?

I had a lot of fun. It was a great experience putting something like together. It was a challenge. It’s hard having something like that come together inside of my head and try to explain to other people what I want, but all of us together made it work. I’m very proud Third Grave’s video. I appreciate everyone who participated. Our two actors were wonderful to work with, and I think they did a great job. I love the song, I mean I REALLY love the song, and I’m so proud that my husband helped write it. It’s gorgeous.

You have a new Young Adult series coming out this year. What will Darklight be about?

It’s about three high school friends who become involved in a desperate bid to halt the earth-shattering, apocalyptic plans dark forces have against the world as we know it. There are fallen angels, supernatural powers, friendships and forbidden love. It’s a three-part story, beginning with one girl whose life is irrevocably changed when the Angel of Death starts high school in her small town. Along the way, she and her friends discover qualities and capabilities within themselves that can aid their fight for good. I was going for exciting and edge-of-your-seat suspense.

If you could describe your perfect hero by taking physical attributes and personality traits from known celebrities, what would you end up with as your perfect man?

Reyes. Plain and simple. I also happen to have a pretty awesome husband. Who the heck needs Gerard Butler or David Boreanaz or Jason Behr or Mark Walhberg or David Beckham or Ryan Gosling or Johnny Depp or that Captain Morgan dude from the television commercials?

If you get get any character from any book to come to life for the day, which character would it be and what would you do?

Hmmmm. I’m pretty sure Reyes would scare the crap out of me in real life, but I would love to lay my eyes on him. I’m also pretty sure I would just stare. That’s it. Stare at him. Maybe a little drool would unknowingly seep out of my mouth, but I would put my eyes on him, long and hard. I would breathe heavily and seriously stare. He’s worthy of it.

But if I really had to choose (and since I’m married to an awesome guy!), I’d say Charley. I would love to hang with her and live in her world for just a day. And I bet I could pick up some more one-liners on the way. 🙂

Lets do some quickfire questions!

Coffee or Tea?
Coffee, currently decaf, sadly.
Fave genre to read?
TOO MANY! Historical romance, paranormal, YA… you name it.
Latest book you loved?
Adam by Jacqueline Frank. WOW!!!
Sunrise or sunset?
Vampire or shifter?
While I’m very fond of both, I’ll go with vampire.


Ms. Jones is graciously giving away a signed hardcover of Third Grave Dead Ahead to one lucky international Maiden!

Third Grave Dead Ahead

Release: January 31, 2012
Third in the award-winning paranormal series that’s “hilarious and heartfelt, sexy and surprising.”
—J.R. Ward Paranormal private eye.

Grim reaper extraordinaire. Whatever. Charley Davidson is back! And she’s drinking copious amounts of caffeine to stay awake because, every time she closes her eyes, she sees him: Reyes Farrow, the parthuman, part-supermodel son of Satan. Yes, she did imprison him for all eternity, but come on. How is she supposed to solve a missing persons case, deal with an ego-driven doctor, calm her curmudgeonly dad, and take on a motorcycle gang hellbent on murder when the devil’s son just won’t give up?

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  1. Did i read right? French rights for Milady Bragelonne? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. do you know when the first book will be published?

    thanks you also for the international giveaway

    all the best

  2. This is a wonderful series. I was shocked women my 73 yr old mom told me she had a book she thought I’d like :). Had to tell her I already was reading the series. Now she wants my copies :).


  3. I have heard soooo many great things about this series and can’t wait to try it. But I am a Team Shifter first, but if a vamp showed up at my door I wouldn’t turn him away 😉

  4. I am SO psyched to read this book!!! I read the first book and absolutely loved it, and I have the second book ready to go – I just need this book to complete my little set 🙂 Thanks so much for the awesome interview and giveaway:)
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  5. Thanks for an awesome interview! I just got the first two books in this series and I’m so excited to start reading them! Thanks for the giveaway!

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  7. Fab interview…
    I love this series.
    I love Charley and Reyes.
    I love the fact that I’m on the edge of my seat and laughing my ass off at the same time.
    Great giveaway!

  8. Great series I’ve become totally addicted in less than a month 🙂
    If anyone knows where to find this video, please please post a link for the love of all things hot I’m dying to watch this video!! One more day til I get a new Charley book!!

  9. Liked the interview. This sounds like a great read!! I haven’t read this series but I am going to have to pick it up. Thanks for the chance.

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  11. I cannot wait to read this series, the author will be new to me but…OMG I have been hearing nothing but great things about these books!! Can’t wait!!

  12. I cannot wait to read this series, the author will be new to me but…OMG I have been hearing nothing but great things about these books!! Can’t wait!!