Maidens, I’m so excited to have here today one of my favorite authors of 2012!  Her stories have heart and heat.  She’s a very talented author and just a lovely lady!  One of the very talented Wicked Writers.  Thanks for stopping by!!

Who is Beth Williamson? Tell us five interesting things about yourself that readers would not know about?
– I’m originally from New York but have lived in NC for 15 years
– I have 3 brothers and sisters
– I knew I wanted to be a writer in third grade
– I adore Nathan Fillion and totally <3 Firefly and Castle
– I’ve been married since 1990. Holy crap!

Can you tell us a bit about your Devils on Horseback series and how that series came to be?
Ah, that’s an interesting story. I conceived the idea of the DOH series way back in December 2006. I was at a Christmas party and one of the menu items was Devils on Horseback, an oyster and hot sauce dish. The name set off a chain of ideas I had to start writing down right there when I demanded pend and paper from hubby. 🙂

There are 5 books in the Devils on Horseback series (NATE, JAKE, ZEKE, LEE and GIDEON). There were a lot of firsts for me in this series, including PTSD, a one-armed hero, an alcoholic and OCD. These are ex-soldiers who have to find out who they are now in a world that’s turned upside down.

Why should readers check out the Malloy Family series and what was it about these characters that made you want to write about them?
The Malloys! They were my first series beginning with THE BOUNTY. It was my first published novel in ebook and print. As such, the Malloys hold a special place in my heart. I love family-centered books and the Malloys do anything and everything for each other.

I’m currently writing the “prequel” Malloy series. The first is John and Francesca Malloy’s story, THE FORTUNE, which I hope to be published in early 2013. Waiting on the contract!

You also write as Emma Lang and have several books released under that name. What’s the best thing about having another pen name?
You can reach more readers with multiple pen names. They might discover Emma Lang and then follow her to Beth and vice versa.

If you could collaborate with another author, who would it be and why?
I would love to collaborate with Lorelei James – she’s a good friend of mine and is the queen of contemporary erotic westerns. I think we could write one kick-ass book together!

What was the last book you read?
I finished Jennifer Haymore’s ARC Pleasures of a Tempted Lady. Loved it!

In your opinion, which of your own books do you think is the sexiest? Can we get a teaser excerpt from this book?
The sexiest book I’ve written is definitely UNBRIDLED. It’s my only full-length contemporary erotic western. I would be happy to share a hot teaser with you!

Connor looked at the clock for the umpteenth time and cursed under his breath. It was nearly eleven o’clock and Alex wasn’t back yet. He’d heard from several people that she’d driven off in a black Lexus—James’s car. And this was, of course, after Connor had told her not to go.

The woman had been there only a few weeks and she’d already tied him into knots. Now she was on a date with James Howard, consorting with the man who had done his best to snatch Finley’s Ranch. She played with fire like a damn magician. Well, he didn’t want to get burned. It was time he confronted her about all of this and let her know what he wanted.

Her half of Finley’s.

He swallowed hard and realized his interactions so far with Alex had all been about sex or fighting. All passionate energy that left him drained, physically and emotionally. She lit a fire within him and he felt completely out of control.

Did he want to buy her out? Yes, he did. Did he want her to leave Finley’s? No, he didn’t. That left him in a conundrum of what to do. He couldn’t have her dating James Howard, though.

His ire arose anew at the thought of her with that low-down bastard. Connor had never told anyone that he suspected Howard had something to do with accidents around the ranch. There were broken fences, tack that wore out long before it should, a few missing horses and even a fire at one of the cabins. Then Grant was killed and the accidents stopped.

It all seemed too coincidental to Connor, and he kept a close eye on all the happenings at the ranch. His tight management prevented anything else, but there was no way he’d relax his guard. Particularly since Howard seemed to have set his sights on the next generation of Finley’s to get his hands on the property.

Connor had asked Grant once why James hadn’t simply asked to pay for a tributary from the river if it was the water he wanted. Grant had told him, “That man doesn’t want anything handed to him. If he doesn’t take it, hunt it or steal it, then it ain’t worth spit.”

He remembered the conversation clearly because it was on the day Grant had died. Connor had never forgotten what his mentor told him. It had been a warning of sorts, one that Connor took very seriously.

He stood at the window of the cabin and looked out at the moonlit path. A solitary figure walked toward the fence. His body clenched at the realization it was Alex. She had a sweet swing to her hips and her hair bounced when she walked.

It was dark in the cabin but he wanted it that way. The moment she stepped up on the porch, he walked toward the door. She flicked on the porch light as his hand reached for the knob. Connor’s temper returned in full force when he smelled perfume.

As she walked in the cabin, he yanked open the door. He didn’t expect the foot to the stomach or the uppercut to the jaw. Connor landed hard on his ass and he did his best to suck in a breath. The light nearly blinded him, and he managed to hold up one hand in surrender.

“Alex,” he gasped.

She stopped in midswing and her mouth dropped open. “Connor, what the hell are you doing?”

He managed to suck in some air. “I was waiting for you to get back.”

“I can see that, but since this is my private residence while I’m here, there is no excuse for you waiting in here in the fucking dark.” She slammed the door. “I repeat my question: What the hell are you doing?”

Connor’s jaw throbbed from her punch. Damn, the woman had a hard set of knuckles. “Protecting you.”

“I’m not your wife, your daughter or even your friend. There is no reason for you to protect me from anything.” She threw her purse on the chair by the window. “You scared the absolute shit out of me.”

“You beat the shit out of me, so I’d say we’re even.” He got to his feet and rubbed at his stomach. It still hurt like hell.

“No way are we even.” She put her hands on her hips. “You need to get your ass out of here and never sneak in again whether I’m here or not.”

Connor tried to tell himself to keep his temper in check but Alex pushed every button he had. “I have every right. You are putting this entire ranch in jeopardy by consorting with James Howard.”

“Oh, here we go. Consorting with James? I don’t even know what that means. A neighbor invited me for dinner, which by the way was delicious and I’m so full I could go for two days without eating again. Yet you turn it into some sort of spy mission?” She snorted. “How did you ever get to be in charge of this place anyway?”

He stepped toward her until he could feel her hot breath on his face. “I earned it. You didn’t earn a thing.”

A flash of hurt ran through her blue eyes. “I earned more than you can possibly imagine, so don’t you ever throw that in my face again.”

Connor ran his hands down his face. “You make me nuts, Alex. Absolutely loco.”

“Ditto.” She stepped back and opened the door. “Now, please leave.”

“No. I’m not leaving until we get this sorted out.” Connor knew he’d gone about this all wrong. “I’m sorry if I scared you. I was just . . . Hell, I don’t know, worried, maybe jealous.”

One brow went up. “That’s interesting, but it’s your problem, not mine.”

“No, it’s our problem. We’ve, ah, already had some interactions and I think that’s where this”—he gestured with his hands to the air between them—“whatever it is began.”

“Interactions? Are you talking about fucking on your desk?”

“Well, yeah, I guess.”

She stared at him, her gaze steady and intense. Connor refused to squirm under the power of it, but he couldn’t help but wonder what she was thinking.

Her brow furrowed. “You were jealous?”

Now he felt completely exposed, like an idiot who blurted out things without thinking. “Yeah, I guess.” His breath gusted out at the confession.

She put her hands on her hips. “You know, I’ve never had anyone jealous before. Is this what it does to people? Makes them break into private houses?”

“It makes me fucking nuts.” This time his words were low and gritty. She was driving him completely loco.

He watched her face and to his surprise, Connor saw a change in her expression, from anger to arousal.

“That’s actually a huge turn-on.” She unbuttoned the top button of her blouse.

His body tightened fast and fierce.

The second button was history, then the third. “I’m angry but damned if I don’t want to throw you on that bed in there and fuck you.”

The fourth button made sweat break out on his forehead. His dick roared to life when the fifth button revealed the black lace of her bra. Alex had a terrific rack and the low-cut bra revealed cleavage fit for his hard-on.

She closed the door with a soft snick. He’d intended on telling her not to see James again and here he was panting like a damn dog for her. What the hell was wrong with him?

“If you want to leave now, then go. If you stay, understand that I’m not drunk; I’m not out of control. I am open in the bedroom and like to experiment with whatever gives me pleasure.”

Alex was throwing down the gauntlet, daring him to be scared of whatever it was she liked to do. Either that or she was hoping he’d accept her challenge and climb into bed with her. His heart thrummed with a hard beat as he listened to her breathing in the loud silence that surrounded them.

Before he even thought about what he was doing, he stepped toward her. Her expression was surprised for only a split second; then the sides of her mouth kicked up in a grin.

“Let’s see what you’ve got, Matthews.” She grabbed his shirt and pulled him down to her, slamming his lips onto hers.

Blood coursed through him as every nerve ending jangled. Her lips were demanding, their tongues rasping and dueling. Connor pulled her close, feeling her diamond-hard nipples against his chest. She was soft and curvy, yet felt like a bundle of hard arousal in his hands.

He backed her toward the bedroom, eager to see the entire bra and what lay beneath. Connor’s arousal was sharp as a knife and he could not wait long to be inside her. The bedroom was dark, full of shadows from the moonlight streaming in through the window.

She scratched at his shirt. “Take it off, cowboy. I want to feel your skin on mine.”

What three things do you require in order for you to write?
I require a glass of ice water, a clear mind (can’t be sleepy or distracted) and a comfortable place to sit. I can’t write at my desk if you can’t believe it!

If we were unforgivably rude and snatch your purse from you without warning, what items would we find in there?
My wallet, a big pack of tissues (most who know me realize I have multiple allergies and tissues are essential), several pens, keys, chapstick, lipgloss and a bunch of coupons. 🙂

We’re asking participating erotica authors to share their favorite cocktail drink recipe with readers! Do you have a favorite you’d like to share?
I recently discovered the Creamsicle. I’m a vodka drinker and this one is scrumptious!
– 1 oz vanilla vodka
– 1/2 oz triple sec
– orange juice
– half and half

Quick-fire questions!
Favorite author: Stephen King
Favorite genre: Historical romance
Favorite place to read: Loveseat in the living room
Favorite food: Reese’s peanut butter cups
Favorite drink: Vodka
Favorite quote: It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt


Gideon was furious. Not only had he allowed the stranger to keep them tied up and captive for a good portion of the day, but Chloe had changed their circumstances instead of him. It was his job to be the one doing the rescuing and planning, not hers. Yet he had hesitated to do what needed to be done because he was afraid she would get hurt.

Now the idea made him nearly snort. She was not only fearless, she was smart and quick as hell. They’d been tied together, yet she’d managed to injure the peddler woman, maintain her balance and give him the opportunity to disarm their enemy. It was damn embarrassing, frustrating and impressive.

After they were far enough away to be safe for now, he climbed up into the wagon and sat beside Chloe. He set the shotgun in front of them on the floor and held out his hands. She just raised one brow.

“What makes you think I’m gonna let you drive?”

Gideon gritted his teeth. “Because I’m the man here.”

“I’d say we’re equal partners, Blackwood. We were a team back there, and you’re gonna have to let me hold the reins now and again.”

It made sense, of course. Logic over emotion and all that, but he didn’t give a shit about logic. He just wanted to feel as if he was in control, even if he wasn’t.

“For right now, just hand it over.”

She must have seen something in his expression, because she sighed dramatically and gave him the reins. Gideon wondered if she were humoring him but didn’t want to take that thought any further. Right now he would focus on the trail ahead of them and getting back to where they had been as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the team was old and plodded along slower than he thought possible. They would need some fresh blood to pull this wagon, or they would never catch the people they chased.

They moved along at a snail’s pace, the sound of the merchandise in the wagon behind them clanking and banging together as the wheels hit dips in the trail. It was a strange kind of music—one he did not want to get used to hearing. He planned on getting rid of the wagon as soon as they found the Ruskins. For now he would endure it and its hideous stench.

“Do you think we can find our way back to the packs we left behind?” Chloe’s voice was surprisingly calm.

“Maybe, but with all the shit in this wagon, we don’t need any supplies.”

She murmured something he didn’t quite catch. Five minutes later, she apparently could not control her tongue any longer. “I want that pack back. It’s likely all we have left of our things, and I don’t want to show up on my aunt’s doorstep with nothing but dirty drawers and bugs in my hair.”

“This is the same trail we followed west. If we keep going, we’ll end up where we were this afternoon.” He could almost feel her grinning at him. “But there’s no guarantee we’ll find the exact spot, and we can’t afford to be poking around in the woods.”

She nodded. “I understand that, and I would probably say the same thing. But in this case, I can find the spot.”

“How is that possible? It was a bunch of trees with no distinguishing landmarks.” Gideon thought maybe she was trying to trick him into searching for the packs. There was no chance she could find a bush in the middle of the thick woods they had left them in.

“Distinguishing landmarks? You sure do talk fancy.” She shook her head. “I cut an X in the tree bark.”

“You did what?”

“You heard me. I marked the tree with my knife when you was getting captured.” Chloe sounded so damn smug, his annoyance notched up further.

He told himself not to react, to let her have her moment of triumph. Overall, Gideon was the better soldier, even if she’d been the one who freed them from their captivity. She was a young woman, cocky and sure of herself. There was no reason for him to get riled up.

But damned if he didn’t.

Before he even realized what he was doing, Gideon dropped the reins and yanked her close to him for a bruising kiss. It was a clashing of lips, teeth and tongue, different from their midnight sex. This was primal, elemental and overwhelming. Perhaps it was because they had faced danger together and escaped. He knew he was lying to himself, but thinking wasn’t an option at the moment.

In fact, he could hardly breathe.

The salty taste of her lips gave way to the sweetness of her mouth. The hot, wet recesses beckoned him until he was so deep he couldn’t distinguish where she ended and he began. His dick hardened in an instant, pressing against his trousers, eager to find release with Chloe. To his shock, her hand started pulling on the buttons to free him. He was about to stop her when she spoke.

“Please, I need. Now.” It was a fractured thought but one he understood.

He yanked at the offending buttons until the evening air hit his overheated skin. Her hand surrounded him, and he groaned into her mouth. Thank God she wore drawers with a slit. The ugly dress bunched around her hips. Chloe straddled him, never breaking the kiss, and soon he was poised at her entrance, which was already wet with arousal.
It was wrong, it was foolhardy, it was loco. He couldn’t stop if someone put a gun to his head.

Gideon had never been as aroused or as hard as he was at that moment. She sank onto his length, inch by inch, her tightness surrounding him, embracing him. He gripped the seat beside him until the wood almost splintered under his fingers. It was only through sheer force of will he did not come in the first five seconds. She was perfectly made for him, as if someone had engineered her tiny body to accept, welcome, enclose his.

“Ohhhhh,” she breathed against his lips. “It’s even better than last night.”

Damn straight it was. Gideon guided her up and down a few times, and then she took control again. Her pace increased quickly until all he could do was hang on to her hips and try not to find his release too soon. Blood raced around inside him until his heartbeat became the only thing he heard.

The sounds of the forest around them ceased, and the air became still. The world held its breath as Gideon and Chloe moved together as one being in an ancient rhythm, hearts thumping, breath catching. Sliding against one another, their moans echoing softly into the dense forest.

About the Author:

Beth Williamson is a multi-published, award-winning author of romance fiction including historical, contemporary, and erotica. She won 2010 Best Western Romance from The Romance Reviews, two 2007 CAPA Awards and one 2008 CAPA Award from The Romance Studio, nominated for the 2007 Romantic Times Magazine Reviewer’s Choice Award in Historical Romance, nominated for the 2009 and 2010 Career Achievement Reviewer’s Choice Award in Erotica by Romantic Times Magazine, and a PAN member of Romance Writers of America.

Beth also writes as Emma Lang, publishing historical sensual romance novels with Kensington Publishing.

Paperback (winner’s choice). No restrictions.
+ 5 winners random will get SWAG!

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