If you’ve been around erotic romance books you’ve probably heard of Beth Kery/Bethany Kane. We hope that you check out her books if you haven’t yet, you won’t regret it!  There are many exciting books coming from this talented author.

Hi Beth, welcome to UTC.  Lets get right to it!  Your latest release is BOUND TO YOU under your Bethany Kane pen name. Can you tell us a bit about this book? 

Bound to You is an erotic romance novella in the One Night of Passion series from Berkley Heat. It’s about a very unlikely couple—a beautiful, successful actress and a blind chiropractor/outdoorsman who get thrown together—literally—into a sinkhole in the midst of the Shawnee National Forest. John Corcoran has always had a ‘thing’ for Jennifer Turner’s sexy voice, and to find himself suddenly in such close proximity to a woman he’s always admired and desired is a bit of a shock. For Jennifer’s part, she has a phobia of the dark, and so this is one of the worst nightmares she could imagine. She comes to trust John’s skill as an outdoorsman, not to mention the fact that he can literally see in the dark. As they battle fear for whether or not they’ll be saved, they escape into one another’s arms and explore an intense passion. It’s a powerful experience for both of them, but they worry about whether or not the feelings they’ve ignited in one another will survive daylight and the everyday world.

WICKED BURN was your latest Contemporary Erotic Romance. Why should readers pick up this book!? 

Wicked Burn has actually been out since 2008 in trade paperback, but it’s just been re-released in mass market. I would say that people should pick it up because while, yes, it’s extremely sexy and intensely romantic, it’s a real story, meaning the hero and heroine will definitely strike you as believable. That’s one of the most common things I hear from Wicked Burn readers, how genuine the characters seem. And chances are, aside from all the smoking hot sex scenes, you’re going to be touched by this story of two lost souls who crash together one night, changing both of their lives forever.

Also, I’d like to mention, my newest contemporary erotic romance is an exciting project that was recently mentioned in USA Today and Time magazine. It’s called BECAUSE YOU ARE MINE, and is a serialized book. It will be released in eBook initially in 8 parts over an eight-week period, starting July 31, 2012 with a new installment every Tuesday until September 18th. I’m extremely excited about this unique reading experience. Readers should be able to check out the eight gorgeous covers and blurbs at my website by the time this article airs. WWW.BETHKERY.COM

Do you find there is a difference in writing style or tone when writing as Bethany Kane or Beth Kery? 

No, not really. Bethany Kane is the pen name for the One Night of Passion series. However, I think in tone and voice, these books are very similar to my Beth Kery erotic romances.

You’ve dabbled in several sub-genres such as Contemporary, Historical and Paranormal and Time Travel. Which one is your favorite to write?

Probably contemporary—either erotic or straight contemporary. All genres have their fun aspects, but I think I’m most drawn to contemp.

Since this is an erotica event, do you have any erotica recs that you would like to share? 

Emma Holly: All You Can Eat
Jaci Burton: Play-by-Play series
Lisa Marie Rice: The Dangerous Trilogy
To name just a few…

How would you describe your writing in 160 characters or less? 

I would say romance-focused, emotionally intense, sexually honest, thought provoking, smart and heartfelt. I want my books to linger in the reader’s mind.

Pick just one (can be your own or from other authors) character for each statement!

I would marry Thomas Nicasio from Explosive (Beth Kery). He’s the most like my real husband.
I would have a summer fling with Ian Noble from Because You Are Mine (Beth Kery).
I would have a hot one night stand with Everett Hughes from Exposed to You (Bethany Kane), but like my heroine Joy Hightower, I seriously doubt one night would be enough.
I would like to be sandwiched between Jack and Nick from Julie James’ Something About You and A Lot Like Love.

We are asking authors participating in the event to share a favorite drink recipe with readers. Do you have one you’d like to share?

Sure. I love sidecar martinis for the summertime. Very refreshing and easy to make. I got this recipe from FoodNetwork.com.

• 1/2 cup sugar
• 1 lime, zested
• 1 lime wedge
• 10 ounces cognac (recommended: Hennessy)
• 4 ounces Triple Sec liqueur (recommended: Cointreau)
• 4 ounces sweet and sour mix
• 4 ounces Limoncello
• 2 ounces lime juice
• Ice Directions Chill 4 martini glasses.

In a dish combine the sugar and the lime zest. Run the lime wedge around the rim of each glass. Dip in the sugar and zest mixture. In a cocktail shaker mix the cognac, Triple Sec, sweet and sour mix, Limoncello, and lime juice over ice. Shake to chill.

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BETH KERY is releasing an eight-part serialized erotic romance novel, Because You Are Mine. The first part will be available on July 31st, with the remaining parts released each subsequent Tuesday for seven more weeks.

The success of Bared to You hot on the heels of the huge Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon points to a new popularity in erotic fiction. All the readers who tore through the Fifty Shades trilogy are searching for a new book that will sweep them away. Beth Kery’s previously novels, particularly Wicked Burn, are often mentioned in coverage on what Fifty Shades readers should try next. Kery is known for writing sexy, deeply emotional stories of love and romance and Because You Are Mine delivers exactly what readers have come to expect from this talented author. Kery’s deft plotting and her ability to create smoldering sexual and emotional tension will leave readers eager to buy each week’s new installment.

Because You Are Mine explores the intense developing relationship between a billionaire and a young graduate student. Ian Noble is a powerful businessman who keeps emotion out of his relationships, only indulging in casual, discreet affairs. But when he meets Francesca Arno, the young artist and graduate student he has awarded a commission to create a centerpiece for the grand lobby of his new Chicago skyscraper, Ian can’t control his reaction. An intense and undeniable chemistry draws them into a passionate, all-consuming relationship that will change both of them forever.

Each of the eight parts of Because You Are Mine will be available for $1.99 wherever eBooks are sold.

*Latest news from publisher

Because You Are Mine: Part I
Because You Tempt Me


From Beth Kery, the national bestselling author of EXPLOSIVE, comes a red-hot romance like no other—where the rules of attraction are broken with that first electrifying touch. Meet Francesca and Ian. The fantasies of what’s to come begin… 

It starts with that first look, when you know you have to have him…
Francesca Arno has been commissioned to create a grand centerpiece painting for the lobby of Ian Noble’s new skyscraper. It’s at a cocktail party in her honor that she first meets him—and the attraction is immediate for Francesca. It’s also bewildering. She’s not used to such a wholesale sexual response to a stranger. Enigmatic, darkly intense, with a commanding presence, Ian completely unnerves her. And she likes it.

For Ian, she’s the kind of woman he can’t resist—one that comes all too rarely: a true innocent. But he can sense in her a desire to open up, to experiment, to give herself to the fantasies of a man in control. The first kiss, the first caress, the first challenge for a woman who craves what she’s never had—a man who gets what he wants.

Includes a bonus excerpt of Beth Kery’s Wicked Burn, now available.

Available July 31, 2012
Pre-Order Links: Amazon

Ms. Kery has a copy of BOUND TO YOU to giveaway to a lucky maiden.

The sensual author of Addicted to You explores once again the rewards of impulsive desire in a new One Night of Passion novella…
Darkness can arouse the senses…

John Corcoran loved the isolation of the Shawnee National Forest with the crisp spring air, the sounds of nature, and the bracing scent of pine. Isolation is what movie star Jennifer Turner craved as well, an escape that only a weekend hike, a long and blissful distance from Hollywood, could provide.

Yesterday, they were strangers—until a fateful accident, deep in the forest and far from civilization, throws them together and plunges them both into darkness. For Jennifer it is as unnerving as the night itself, trapped in such close quarters with a man as mysterious as John. He is alpha: bold, rough, and masculine, but with a scent of firewood and spice she finds intoxicating.

In the dark, Jennifer’s nightmares spring to life. The only way to vanquish them is by submitting to blind, naked need. Now, as intimately close as a man and a woman can be, they find themselves alone, battling fear and vulnerability. Only an unexpected passion will comfort them—a sensual, raw experience from which neither is certain they want to be rescued.
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  1. Beth!! Beth!! I hope you read the comments – I am a huge fan. Question, I just finished reading “Gateway to Heaven” and I was wondering if there would ever be any more books in that series. Lots of awesome secondary characters that I would love to have their own stories 🙂 AWESOME book, I was blown away by its amazingness. 🙂

    Congratulations on your new release!

    brunettelibrarian AT gmAil . c0m
    The Brunette Librarian Blog

  2. Beth I was just wondering why the pen name for just one series of books?
    congrats on your new release!
    Carin mawmom(at)gmail(dot)com

  3. A very unlikely, but interesting couple in Bound to You… can’t wait to read their story! I’ve not read anything by Beth Kery/Bethany Kane, but would really love to:)

  4. thanks for a fun interview! I just got Wicked Burn in mmp and I can’t wait to start reading 😉 Congrats on the newest release!


  5. Thank you Kassandra!And thanks to Francesca for having me at UtC’s!

    The Brunette Librarian–hello! Love you handle. 🙂 I don’t have any immediate plans to write a sequel for Gateway, but I had once thought I’d like to do a story about Seth Down. I still haven’t ruled it out, just busy, busy, busy. Thanks for the interest though, and I’m glad you enjoyed Gateway!

    Hi Carin–it was a publisher decision.

    Hi Kathleen–I often recommend Wicked Burn to first timers. I hope you enjoy!

    Catherine Lee–a sidecar martini is yummy, and so festive looking for summer. Refreshing!

    Hello Linda! And thanks!

    Hi there Carol! Thanks for stopping by!

    yadkny–If you do try a BK, I hope you enjoy!

    Erin–I hope you like WB. Let me know!

  6. Thanks for the interview. Bound to You sounds like a great read to win. I’m curious how Beth came up with the idea of a blind hero….


  7. I just finished Tricked Truths and I loved it!

    I am looking forward to this new release.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  8. Hello Beth,

    Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to spend with Us. You’re a new Author to me, but not for long after reading your Great Interview.

    “BOUND TO YOU” sounds like a Great Read & I would very much appreciate if I could be considered in your very generous giveaway. Thank You.

    Take Care & Stay Naughty,
    PaParanormalFan (Renee’ S.)
    paranormalromancefan at yahoo dot com

  9. Hi Beth, thanks for the interview.

    I have Addicted to You and plan to read it soon. How you decide the title of your book?



  10. finding out just how lucky this maiden is. haha Not sure I am a maiden anyway. And pretty sure I am lucky enough already. But still would like this book. Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. Great interview Beth! I’ve heard great things about Wicked Burn & can’t wait to read it as it’s inching up my TBR pile. Thanks for this chance to win!

    ninaXreader @ gmail dot com

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