“So while INTENSE PLEASURE was sexually charged, it lacked depth and connection and it ultimately let me down.”
~ Under the Covers

I should’ve known better than to pick up this book for review.  But I love Lora Leigh and this series holds fun memories for me.  I used to love it!    Sadly the book before this one was a DNF and I wish I would’ve listened to my gut feeling and not started this one.  INTENSE PLEASURE does feature what Lora Leigh does best, two brothers sharing and loving the same woman and wanting to keep her for their own forever.  Mixed in with that is a level of danger as there is something lurking in the backdrop that threatens the heroine and the big alpha man are meant to protect her.

There were things about this story I liked.  Like I said above, Lora Leigh is good at making me feel on board with the brothers permanent menage trope.  All without feeling icky.  But then there is some over the top family drama that for me in this book may have gotten a bit too close to Jerry Springer-esque.  Our heroine lets her family walk a bit over her and disrespect her and I found that out of character because she’s supposed to be part of this group of badasses, so I couldn’t quite connect the two aspects of her persona.

When it comes to the erotic part, yes, this is very hot.  That is not an area where Ms. Leigh has ever had problems.  But I feel at times, even that can start to feel like it follows a certain formula.  The men being completely dominating and at times overbearing.  Yes, they are alpha and they want things their way.  And the woman ends up being a bit mousy and submissive.  I have wanted to see more from this series for a while, and I’m not sure I’m going to get that.

When it came to the danger and the development of the story, this was also a bit of a let down.  The ending was nicely and easily tied up with a bow.

So while INTENSE PLEASURE was sexually charged, it lacked depth and connection and it ultimately let me down.  It made me wish for the days when I was reading about the hot twins in WICKED PLEASURE and hope that the story would grasp my attention like then.




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  1. I think Wicked Pleasure was the last book in this series that I read, sorry these last two books didn’t work for you Francesca

  2. I found it difficult to accept that she could work for the CIA, FBI, and DEA all in less than 8 years. I agree that this series is losing its appeal.