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“Though [Inseverable] has its moments of heavy emotions, it has a lighter feel to the story making it perfect for a summer read.”
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This first installment of Carolina Beach series has a different feel compared to the Weird Sisters, Shattered Pasts and O’brien Family series. Though it has its moments of heavy emotions, it has a lighter feel to the story making it perfect for a summer read.

With college finally done, Trinity and her friends are ready to go out in the real world. However, Trinity is nursing a broken heart and her time is dwindling before she goes into the Peace Corps. Before that, the plan is to spend time together and maybe to brave seducing a bartender.

Though callahan is as serious as a heart attack, Trinity won his heart with her genuine personality. Being a veteran of the war, Callahan do not have time for games especially for girls who just wants to party. She is not even his type but oddly, Callahan will find her attractively different and she will ultimately break down his protective walls.

Though the story tackles broken heart and issues such as PTSD, Cecy did well making this a light-hearted read. I found Trinity adorably cute and funny. Her broken heart and insecurity was easy to understand and Callahan, well, his intense personality is just that…intense.  I have to admit though, he is sexy and romantic when he wants to be. I enjoyed their love story and I thought their HEA was well deserved.

Inseverable was a quick and fun read, perfect to bring on your weekend getaway.spacer



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  1. What a lovely review. I’m so glad you enjoyed Trinity and that both she and INSEVERABLE won your heart. Thank you for taking the time to read. Your support is amazing ❤️