“It was insta lovey…I just didn’t buy into that.”
~ Under the Covers

I was excited to read this book because the blurb caught my eye.  Washed up pop star + disabled veteran, it was bound to be an interesting read.  I admit that this had parts that kept me interested and wanting to read more, but ultimately the execution was not my favorite.

Deacon was the lead singer for a band and they found quick fame but also it quickly fizzled out due to a scandal that ruined Deacon’s reputation and the band couldn’t recover.  Now he’s just lost custody of his dead brother’s kid and has a new stalker threatening him.  But after he cried wolf about a stalker before (or his PR company did) nobody will believe him.  Except Maverick.  He’s licking his wounds and drinking his sorrows away on his sisters’ couch and when she can’t meet with a new client (Deacon) he has to step up to the plate and fill in for her.

It was nice to see a hero that has been through so much.  Deacon was severely injured and scarred while in the military.  I was so interested to dig deep into his character and one of the things that I found a bit disappointing was that to me it felt it didn’t do that.  These are not problems that can be pushed aside easily and this book felt like that for me.  It was insta lovey and at times that “love” was the reason why Mav was able to push aside his drinking or his lack of pride and self esteem.  I just didn’t buy into that.

While I liked both characters individually I just couldn’t be invested in them in the context of this story.



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