“In His Hands is an emotional journey and is solely character driven (which does make for a slower read)”
~ Under the Covers

In His Hands starts out very S-L-O-W, a lot slower than the first book, Under Her Skin. And because of the lack of speed, it didn’t grab my attention right away. It covers a very difficult subject matter and Anders paints the story with vivid strokes, feeding the reader only a piece of information at a time. But she does it brilliantly. She is a gifted writer—a storyteller. There are multiple layers and a complexity that needed to be portrayed in the slow manner it was presented.

Abby Merkley resides in a small, religious commune. Her mother brought her to this way of life at a young age. She was raised to not question the elders of the community and the beauty she once saw on this mountain has turned ugly. She longs for freedom and independence. She wants to help a small child. She needs a job. All of this leads her outside the fence surrounding her commune and to Luc Stanek’s front door.

Luc Stanek is a store owner, growing grapes and making wine. He keeps to himself. He’s not very good with people. He likes the isolation he’s created for himself.

But Abby’s presence stirs something inside him. And he finds himself reaching out to help her. Two strangers, both lonely for different reasons. Two painful pasts. Two hearts beating the odds to find love in the strangest of places.

In His Hands is an emotional journey and is solely character driven (which does make for a slower read). It can be hard to read at times with the heavy subject matter but Anders tackles it beautifully. Warning: there are emotional triggers surrounding their story and I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone.




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  1. Thanks for the review, I tried book 1 in this series and wasn’t a fan I may need to go back and give this series another try.