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I picked this up on a whim and maybe you can say Bookstagram made me do it.  I saw a few of my friends reading and loving this so I couldn’t pass it up.  This is the story of a woman who plans her life meticulously.  Her five year plan?  Already mapped out.  But then on the night she gets engaged to her long time boyfriend, yes just as planned, she has a weird experience.  Maybe a dream?  It foresees her in a much different place in five years.  Living somewhere else, with a different man. She then has to figure out how to stop that future from happening.

The first thing I do need to clarify because of what I’ve seen around when people recommend this book.  This is not a romance!  I really wish people would understand the difference between a romance and say maybe a women’s fiction novel (like this one) that revolves around a love story.  Because there are certain expectations us romance readers have when something is marketed as a romance!  But I won’t rant because that’s marketing and not the book’s fault.

That being said, IN FIVE YEARS is one of those books that is completely addictive.  It may be the writing style which I really liked and in a way reminded me of Taylor Jenkins Reid in the way that it was compelling but so simple.  It really lends itself to bringing you on this journey with the character.  Even if you don’t love the choices being made.  That’s exactly what happened to me while reading this book.  I gobbled it up in one sitting.

And then I have to talk about the ending.  I was lucky to have gone into this with the right mind frame and not expecting a romance, no matter what the chatter online was.  I know better.  And with that, I actually liked the ending a lot more than what I thought I would throughout the whole story.  It was definitely unexpected, took me by surprise but a pleasant surprise.  Even if maybe I would’ve liked to see a little more of an epilogue giving us a tiny bit more than what we got.  Regardless, it was a satisfying end to this story and it was certainly a story that I really enjoyed and would recommend you read.



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