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“I was immediately hooked by Gavin and Noah.  Hooked!”
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It is no secret that I’m a big fan of Santino Hassell’s writing, so to say I was exciteed for this book to come out is an understatement.  I mean, Santino and sports, just orgasmic.  When I first cracked this book open, it did everything I was expecting it to do.  Draw me in with the banter and animosity of two characters that are complete opposites and don’t have much qualms with showing their dislike about certain things to each other.   I was immediately hooked by Gavin and Noah.  Hooked!

ILLEGAL CONTACT is a whole lot of fun and you can’t help but read it from cover to cover in one go.  I didn’t want to put this down because I loved the characters so much and I loved all their interactions whether they were of the sexy variety or when they were going at each other’s throats instead.  There’s a lot of sass and attitude and I absolutely love that.

I also liked that with such a simple setup as two characters basically stuck living together for a period of time, Mr. Hassell gave us two very complex characters that had a lot of personal isssues to work through individually and it wasn’t all about simply the romance.  Gavin and his background as a foster kid and how he deals with it was probably one of the things that made me connect with this grumpy hero the most.  And let me just state that I love grumpy heroes so Gavin was the star of this show for me, as much as I loved Noah as well.  There was something beautiful about seeing someone who has lived guarding himself so much finally opening up and being vulnerable that I couldn’t look away from.

Will I go as far as saying this is my favorite book I’ve read by him?  Yes and no.  Yes because it is my fave solo work by Santino Hassell as all around book.  But no because I think it was missing some of the trademark grittiness I’ve come to expect from him.  That’s always what keeps me coming back.  I was still happy to see that he could write something that felt completely different and that fit in well with the theme of a fun sports romance, but I definitely wanted to see some of that grittiness his other books have.  Maybe in the next one?  Because I’m anxious to get that one in my greedy paws as soon as possible.


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