Review: Iced by Regine Abel

Review: Iced by Regine Abel
Book Info

Released: June 26th 2018
Genre: Sci Fi
Series: Valos of Sonhadra #10
Pages: 187

“…the romance was really cute.”
~ Under the Covers

The Valos of Sonhadra series is a Sci-Fi alien romance with each of the books in the series being told by a different author. If you have a favourite author of the bunch and don’t want to read them all don’t worry, each book can be read as a standalone. The background story for each book is the same, the heroine for nefarious and various reasons has been locked away in a prison ship and being experimented on by scientists. The experimentation changes most of the heroines in some way, which becomes massively useful when the prison ship crash lands on an unfamiliar planet. That’s when the heroine starts to meet the natives. Sonhadra, the planet they have landed on, is inhabited by different factions of valos. The valos all have unique abilities and appearances…and most of them haven’t seen a female in a long long time.

Kira has a problem. During her time on the prison ship she was injected with something that made heat intolerable. For her, a warm day is hell. So living withe fire valos, no matter how kind they are, is becoming intolerable. So, when an opportunity presents itself to go to the icy north she takes it. She literally cannot stand the heat any more. However, when she gets separated from her escorts and tumbles into a cave she finds more than she bargained for. The lost tribes of the ice valos.

Iced and Inferno (the eleventh book in this series) take place at roughly the same time. As Amber from Inferno is being courted and loved up by her trio of fire valos, Kira is helping out the northern valos. As I read Inferno first I was highly intrigued as to where Kira went and what she was doing to help out the icy northern valos. Turns out, she was falling in love with Duke, a character who popped up in Unfrozen and I was happy to see again.

As I expected from this series, the romance was really cute. Duke was such a gentleman! And he made a nice change from all the uber alphas that populate romance. Not that he was a pushover, but at heart(stone) he was a builder and he was building things up with Kira rather than demanding. Kira was more cautious, but her heart soon melted for the adorable Duke and as she made a place for herself with the northern valos.

Another good instalment in the Valos of Sonhadra series and I can’t wait to see which author and what type of valos is next!

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