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I admit, I’m cheating with this review. I discovered these books when there were eight out in the series but found myself unable to put my kindle down and pick up my laptop so that I could review each book as I finished. So the subjects of this review are the first three books in the Ice Planet Barbarian series: Ice Planet Barbarians, Barbarian Alien and Barbarian Lover.

Before I dive into my thoughts about this series, I will give a brief synopsis (spoiler free), which applies to all the aforementioned books. A group of a dozen women wake up in an alien aircraft, crammed into a cage and on their way to an unknown destination, but presumably no where good judging from the cruel treatment they receive at the hands of their alien captors. But, when the craft crashes on an alien plant the women find themselves freed, the only issue…surviving on the icy new planet, especially when they come into contact with the natives, blue 7ft tall, horned aliens.

The first three books in the Ice Planet Barbarians are about Georgie, Liz and Kira and how they meet and fall in love with their very own sexy, horned and blue alien mate. The reason it is so easy to review these as a group is because all three books follow a very similar pattern, the chances are if you like one book, you are going to like them all. This does make them formulaic and easy to predict, but that didn’t stop me from reading them, although reading isn’t quite a strong enough word. Devoured is a more accurate description, I read every single book out in under a week because I couldn’t get enough.

These books were sweet, funny and sexy, so although the experience the heroine’s have gone through is pretty traumatic, these book are still a light and fun read. I would recommend to anyone who likes a sci-fi romance and who likes something a little different. This isn’t the most “out there” sci-fi romance I have read, but the aliens are blue, have horns, glowing eyes and some interesting equipment down south…so be warned. spacer


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  1. You nailed it exactly! They ARE formulaic and easy to predict, yet I couldn’t stop reading them! I did have to stop after a few books to go off and read something else, but did go back and read a few more. These were a pleasant surprise for me.

  2. So, this is where you’ve been. I was beginning to wonder what became of you. I’m putting these bad boys on my TBR! Thank you Suzanne!