“…this book delivered great chemistry.”
~ Under the Covers

This is the story I’ve been waiting for in this series and I’m kind of excited to see this will be a new spin off series.  We all love to see a bad boy redeemed and from the little we’ve seen in the Need You series we knew Jackson Lund wasn’t just a hot hockey player and part of a billionaire family.  He had also done his baby mama really wrong and it was about time he did some groveling.

Lucy has been raising her daughter Mimi with very little help for the past 9 years or so.  She had a whirlwind romance with the man of her dreams and then he quickly proved that all men are cut from the same cloth and all her fears and assumptions came true.  Now Jax is retired from his pro NHL career and has to figure out what his new normal will be.  Of course, is also the time to try and get his family back.

This book deals with some heavy issues that many people go through.  Alcoholism and cheating being at the forefront of that.  And it also explores forgiveness.  And FYI this is his prior behavior none of that happens in this book.  But actions leave lasting impressions and some people can get past them and move on and others can’t.  Admittedly, I’m personally more on the camp of not being able to get past something like that especially when it comes to cheating.  But it’s nice to see a couple that loves so deeply that they can rebuild trust.  So that was really nice to see developed in this book.  I think also enough time had passed where everything that happened was believable for me.  It was the right time for a second chance that left me with a smile on my face.

And let’s not forget the groveling.  Like it’s often the case with a good second chance romance there’s always some groveling if one of them did some awful things.  I honestly can’t say he did enough groveling for my taste.  Am I being too bitchy?  I refer you to my previous statement of not being able to get past the betrayal myself.  I found them clicking really well as a unit even when it wasn’t romantic at first and it just had to do with their daughter.

While this book is a great addition to the overall “world” from the original series, you can read this perfectly fine as a standalone.  Just know there’s more Lund goodness to look forward to in the backlist.  They all have about the same level of heat as well, which is a bit lower I think than some other contemporary romances.

What can I say, this book delivered great chemistry.  And add to that the fact that Lorelei James can really write great family dynamics and you’re guaranteed to fall in love with the Lund family as a whole.  Now who’s ready for Nolan?


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  1. I love lorelei james but this type of betrayal is a storyline I can’t read as I can’t get beyond something like this.

  2. I know that the hero changed, but his past bad behavior with the heroine (the cheating) and also why he changed (which I wished the author could have used something else to change him) just made me not like him as much, especially since he really did become a better person as the story goes on.

    Thus, I don’t know if I want to continue reading the whole book (I went through it briefly just to get the “feel” of the story, which 8’m glad that I did) or not. That trope…

    Glad that you enjoyed the biook, UTC/Francesca. ?

    (Have an ARC, too.)