“This story was cute and entertaining for the time I was reading it but in the end is rather… forgettable.”
~ Under the Covers

I’ve been daringly trying out new authors this year. This was one such case. I’d never read this author before but I had no trouble jumping into book two of this series. However, I feel like maybe had I had some attachment to the characters coming into this, maybe I would’ve enjoyed it more.

Alexander is a known womanizer.  Or so the ton thinks of him.  He now desperately needs to get his beloved grandmother to move out to the country because someone is trying to kill him and he needs her safe.  His only option is to convince her lady companion, Elizabeth, to help him convince her.  Elizabeth doesn’t know the real reason he’s trying to get rid of his grandmother and asks him to do three things to make his grandmother happy before she agrees to help him.  And while living under the same roof, sparks fly between the demure Beth and the famous rake.

This story was cute and entertaining for the time I was reading it but in the end is rather… forgettable.  I wasn’t really drawn to care deeply for either one of the characters and the mystery aspect wasn’t catching my interest enough either.  So while this was a fun way to pass the time I don’t think this is a series I plan on continuing.




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  1. I tend to be really hesitant when trying new-to-me historical romance authors. I haven’t read anything by Anna Bennett, but I am curious. I do like the premise, and I love the all the pink on the cover. I think I will give it a try, even if it is fairly unforgettable.

  2. I will give this a try. Like Quinn, I hesitate over new to me historical romance authors. However, I love to read them so I am always looking and willing to try.