“If you are looking for a fantasy series with unique world building and great slow burn romances, look no further.”
~ Under the Covers

This was the book I didn’t know I needed. The Embraced series has been one of my favorite fantasy romances the past few years and when I saw we were getting more in this world I was extremely excited. I will add in a warning right off the bat. While this is a new “series” it’s very much not a standalone. I wouldn’t consider this book even a spin off. It’s just literally the next installment in the Embraced series. We are still following one of the main friends getting her HEA and it very much picks up on things that happened in one of the previous books. So with that in mind, I do recommend you read the previous books in the Embraced series before reading this one so you can understand what’s going on.⁠

Like I said, this is one of my favorite fantasy romance series and this one takes place in the Kingdom of the Elves which is new. I really enjoyed that as well as the hero’s affinity to wood and his ability to communicate with trees or make any type of wood do anything he wanted! But comparing this book to the previous ones I would say is a little less developed. Both in terms of overall world building as well as the gift/power of the main characters. The heroine’s gift was almost non-existent or used.⁠

But I still enjoyed the story. A little more laid back and simple, the romance a tad insta lovey but it didn’t bother me. And definitely a slow burn romance. Which made sense in the middle of what was happening around them.⁠

I’m probably more excited about the next book which is finally about Brody.⁠

If you are looking for a fantasy series with unique world building and great slow burn romances, look no further. Every installment here will be a good read including this one.⁠



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