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“HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN was sweet and beautiful.”
~ Under the Covers

And we have the conclusion of the Evelyn and Dylan story.  Oh, but how I loved these two.  This is set 11 years later and in NYC instead of Dublin.  Although there’s been many years without contact, they pick up right where they left off in terms of their chemistry.  It felt so natural for them to be friends again, for you to want them to be more right away.

This goes beyond a second chance romance and it really shows us that there was no other love for either one of them.  The romantic in me was swooning, especially when Dylan just turns into an older version of the same boy we got to know in the previous installment.  All the success and money hasn’t changed him and time never dulled his feelings.  The fact that he recognizes what Evelyn did just as much as what he accomplished made me love him even more.

HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN was sweet and beautiful.  It’s not angsty or drawn out, just the perfect reconnecting of two souls that shouldn’t have been separated.  I think it was admirable that they chose to follow the paths they did because it shows great character and maturity.  And it was so satisfying to see them get the HEA they always deserved.

Favorite quote:

“Each perfume I’ve created was inspired by you, Ev.”



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