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“…a fast paced read with great characters and explosive chemistry.”
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I have such bad memory at times that when I started reading this book I couldn’t really remember much about the previous book in this spin off series.  What’s great about Lara Adrian’s writing is that she can deliver a fully standalone story even as it’s part of a much bigger world.  So if you are just jumping into this series, feel free to do that with this one.  That being said, I’ve always been excited about reading more about the Hunters.  This story is about Cain Hunter.  He was working as a security (and everything it entails) for a Vegas mobster.  He decided to leave that life behind and is in Miami trying to figure out his next step when his path crosses with a woman.  He sees a vision of her death and is able to act on it and prevent it.  From there is all about keeping her alive as she tries to buy her way out of the Russian mob.

HOUR OF DARKNESS was engaging and action packed all the way through.  It’s a fast paced read with great characters and explosive chemistry.  Not only the main protagonists but the whole group of Hunters in the Everglades.  I’m anxious to see more of them in the future books and get to see their HEAs.  But back to Cain and Marina.  They had great chemistry and while their love develops quite fast, it made sense for me as they are in very intense situations.  I never doubted their feelings and I also thought they were perfect together.  Cain still needed to heal from things in his past and that not only involved himself but the rest of his Hunter brothers.  I wanted to see a little more of that, but I still found what we got satisfying.

Lara Adrian makes me fall in love with her worlds and characters every time, this was no different.  She manages to make each book interesting and different while having all the elements that I’ve come to expect in her writing.  To achieve that without feeling repetitive is no easy feat and I think she does that really well.  I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next!


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  1. Awesome review Francesca!!! Just started at lunch today!! Love Lara adrian’s books and the hunters spin off is awesome!Shared on all my socials!!??

  2. Yes, I’ve just finished this and thoroughly enjoyed it. I too had to refresh myself re the previous book as it’s been a while and I read sooo many books. Also this was put back a while, but well worth the wait. I love how she has refreshed this universe