“HOLIDAY IN THE HAMPTONS was a great feel good romance that put a smile on my face.”
~ Under the Covers

I’ve been reading Sarah Morgan’s books for a few years now because there’s something comforting about her stories.  Whether they’re summer reads or holiday reads (that’s usually what I end up picking up) they put me in a good mood for the season.  HOLIDAY IN THE HAMPTONS did just that.  It made me long for a summer away at a beach town, with complications to a minimum.  Add to that a sexy vet and I’m set.

I met Fliss in the previous book (not sure if before, since I’m reading out of order).  Her and her twin sister have started a very successful dog walking business in Manhattan.  She’s the tougher sister of the two.  Their childhood wasn’t ideal and she’s learned to protect her feelings the best way she could.  When her ex-husband comes to town and ends up working as a vet at the clinic they often have to deal with, Fliss decides to escape to the Hamptons and take care of her grandmother.  Too bad (or good) for her, Seth has his own Hampton plans and what should’ve been a way for her to escape only brings her face to face with the past she’s been running away from.

I often have a really hard time warming up to characters like Fliss.  Whether they’re male or female.  You know the type, I’m too bad for you so I’ll stay away because you’re so much better without me.  I hate that!  Why not just communicate?  But there was something so innocently broken about Fliss, in the way she kept everyone at arms length, the way she hurt when she thought she wasn’t accepted.  A lot of things were just in her head, but I couldn’t help but sympathize with her.  And in the end what should’ve grated on my nerves, ended up endearing her to me.

Seth Carlyle is one of those “good guy” heroes that just make you swoon.  There’s not much he wants in life other than this second chance with the only woman he’s ever loved.  Even if he has to wait it out, or claw his way in.

In the end, HOLIDAY IN THE HAMPTONS was a great feel good romance that put a smile on my face.  From the little I’ve read in this series, it may just be my favorite and I can’t wait for Harriet’s story next.  On a completely unrelated sidenote, this may just be the only series where I prefer the UK covers to the US covers.  My God they’re so pretty I had to order my copy of this from the UK and I may be doing the same with the next book. 😉




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