“Kudos to Ruggle for coming up with something immediately intriguing and different in her books.”
~ Under the Covers

Katie Ruggle is yet another new-to-me author (Can you tell I’m loving trying out new authors right now?). To be honest, it was the covers that caught my interest with these series. But once I read the blurb and the premise of this series, I knew that these books would definitely be my kind of thing.

Set in the remote Rocky Mountains, this series will follow the Search & Rescue crew as they save lives or in this case, try to solve a murder when a body start showing up in the water. Immediately, I was sucked in by this case just because it’s one that you don’t really see often. Kudos to Ruggle for coming up with something immediately intriguing and different in her books.

The hero of this book is the captain of the ice rescue dive team. Callum is not a guy you typically mess with. He’s a perfectionist and the heroine is….not. Louise “Lou” Sparks is quite wacky and care-free. But don’t let that fool you. She does her job well. So their relationship is a bit unlikely, yet cute and adorable at the same time.

This series reminds me a lot of Julie Ann Walker’s books. They are packed with action, but also make a lot of time for hijinks and fun. I think that’s always a great combination when it comes to Romantic Suspense novels because it creates those highs and lows that make an adventure a memorable one.

I know a lot of people’s complaints about this book was that Callum is so cold that they felt cheated out of a romance. But something super nova hot seems unlikely to happen in this book based on Callum’s personality. You can’t have hot, dirty-talking scenes when Callum is such a reserved guy. It’s going to be a slow burn no matter what. And while yes, I would have liked more, I also understand that the author wrote the perfect romance for her characters. I look forward to reading the other books in the series.




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  1. I was immediately taken with this series when I read the prequel and then the first story. I liked what she did with Callum and Lou and the ice rescue setting as the first book. Different. Ian’s book was great, too. I can’t wait for the mountain rescue one with the silent hero. 🙂

  2. This sounds really good….and I was also drawn to the cover especially for this book since the cover model reminds me of theo james…yum!