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“I really do think Erotic Romance is Tiffany Reisz’s thing.”
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HER HALLOWEEN TREAT kicks off Reisz’ new Men at Work series. This book is part of the Blaze line, which I think is interesting because I thought Reisz was trying to step away from Erotic Romance for a while. However, with this book she proves that she is made for writing the hotter, more sinful stories.

His book features Joey Silva who has just learned that the man has been dating for two years is actually married. Yup, say it with me what a douche! So she’s returned home to recuperate and try to get over Ben.

There she encounters an old high school friend named Chris and well, Chris has grown up to become quite the stud. He becomes the rebound but it’s quick to see that there’s more to these two than just lust and trying to take the edge off. As much as they try to keep things casual, their emotions run deep.

I really enjoyed this book. Reisz excels are witty banter and this book is rife with it. And when I mean rife, I mean it’s JAM PACKED with crazy back and forth. This is a great thing, and something that I think sets Reisz’s books apart from the crowd, but I also think it can be this book’s greatest flaw as well. She does sexy banter well, but I do think that too much banter during the sex scenes can also ruin the pacing. All of the scenes in this book deliver on the hotness but when the characters are talking about what sex position they are going to try this time, it kind of takes you out of the scene sometimes. What’s wrong with just doing it? Do they have to map out every little thing? Dirty talk is one thing, but sometimes I did feel like I was reading about a couple reading out a kama sutra or something. Let’s skip the instructions and just do it!

All that being said, this book really is amazing. I loved Chris. I loved Joey. I loved Kira. I loved Dillion. I really do think Erotic Romance is Tiffany Reisz’s thing. She just needs to write more stories like this.




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  1. I love Tiffany Reisz. However, these covers are just not her. I know she probably has little control over it. But, I will read it because it’s TIFFANY REISZ!