“…Melody Anne continues to deliver her signature sweet small town story. “~ Under the Covers

Cam and Grace have known each other since they were kids. In fact, they’ve had a relationship that ended after Cam left for College.   They’ve even had a one night stand not too long ago but nothing ever came of it.  Now that both of them are in town, avoiding their feelings is just not going to happen.  Especially now that Cam is ready to have more with her.  He will be in a position to help her legally and it will finally get her close enough to even attempt to win her heart.

I enjoyed Cam and Grace’s courtship. It was adorable how determined Cam was to woo Grace.  Lots of flirting, lots of sexual innuendos and he was just so very sweet.  Grace on the other hand, is strong, independent and is too proud for her own good. A bit too much for my liking but she’s lucky, Cam has the patience and love for her.

What won my heart the most was the secondary stories.  Martin Whitman the mastermind of matchmaking had found his own love.  Well, it’s always been there and if you have been following this series, you’ll simply say, I knew it.  I love that Spence and Sage had a lot of page time.  I think they are my fave couple in this series.  The banters and jokes between them and the rest of the gang was hilarious.

This book is not my favorite in the series but Melody Anne continues to deliver her signature sweet small town story.  There was an interesting introduction to Michael Whitman’s story.  I’m predicting his story will bring tears to my eyes.  I’m looking forward to reading it. spacer

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  1. Did you ever write Michal’ story to the series Unxpected Heros, if so what is the name of the book. I feel that you left us hanging.