“Am I ready for the next book?  Sooooo freaking ready!”
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A new series by Shiloh Walker revolving around a wealthy family in a small town and the first book featuring a hot Scot bartender?  Sign.Me.Up!  While I thought HEADED FOR TROUBLE was a straight contemporary romance, I was pleased to see it still featured Ms. Walker’s signature suspense to a small degree, and it’s narrated in multiple POVs where it felt very inclusive to the whole picture of what was going on instead of completely focusing on the main couple.

That’s both good and bad.  See, I really liked Neve and Ian from the very first page because those sparks started sizzling right off the bat!  But as the story progresses, I was getting so into the whole storyline and even some of the other characters, that my interest in the main couple got sidetracked a bit.  They became an afterthought for me.  As in, oh yeah, they need to be getting together soon but I really want to know more about Brannon or Moira!  Again, both good and bad in the sense that I’m really excited to read the rest of this series immediately, but I was a bit disappointed with Neve’s story.

All that being said, this book was still very interesting.  Neve returns home after 10 years away following a family fight.  She set out to prove she can do more than her siblings thought she could.  And she ran into trouble.  Now trouble comes looking for her in the way of her abusive ex-boyfriend.  She reconnects with her siblings, Brannon and Moira and together they help protect her.  But she also makes one other connection.  Her brother’s best friend, Ian.  The chemistry between Neve and Ian was excellent and I wish we would’ve gotten to explore it a bit more.  As it is, there’s less conflict in their immediate relationship, and more on the situations around them.

Am I ready for the next book?  Sooooo freaking ready!  The way Brannon’s story is set up in this book has left me itching to know what happens next!  I need it now!




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