“…all in all you have a quick weekend read that will make you think twice about that greased up hottie who’s changing the oil in your car!”
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After running her parents garage for years following her mother’s death and her father’s downward spiral, it’s easy to see how Quinn isn’t your typical girl.  She’d rather be under a hood of a car than shopping for shoes and handbags.  The garage is all Quinn knows so when she finds out she might be losing it she tries everything she can to stop that from happening.  But when Quinn finds out that Tazen Watts, a famous custom car builder is planning on buying out her garage, she is furious!  What kind of man would take away what has been her life for years?  Quinn is ready to hate him and fight him for what is rightfully hers but her body has other plans and soon she doesn’t know if Tazen is the problem or the solution she’s always needed.

Tazen is well known for his amazing work at custom building race cars.  He buys garages all around the country to accommodate his clients and racing events so when he sets his eyes on Quinn’s garage it’s just another day in the life for him until Quinn proves otherwise.  Now Tazen finds himself going toe to toe with the cute little mechanic that can’t seem to stay out of his mind and his new garage.  Lucky for him he’s ready for everything Quinn throws at him.

Quinn and Tazen butt heads as soon as they meet.  It is the battle royale for Quinn’s beloved garage and battle Quinn does!  She gives zero crap about who he is and she dishes out headache after headache for him.  It’s funny but at times comes across bratty.  Tazen unfortunately isn’t the dream guy right up front, he’s more of a douche with no heart but he does give it back to Quinn times ten!  I found it a bit hard to find their connection but I kept reading and I found it!  Tazen is actually sweet and can take Quinn’s brattitude (yes I think I made that word up) and together you see them help each other go through the mess that is their lives.  Add some good ole office sex and a good pounding over a hood of a car and all in all you have a quick weekend read that will make you think twice about that greased up hottie who’s changing the oil in your car!




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