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“Ms. Kaye made this a fun and steamy read.”
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Hard As Steel is a novella from the Hard Ink series, also the intreoduction to the spin off series, Raven Riders which I’m very excited about.

Jessica and Ike are tattoo artists over at Hard Ink and has been good friends along with Nick and Jeremy, owners of the shop. But this shop is more than meets the eye. Hard Ink is also an independent group of special forces who has vowed to correct wrongs from their past. Along the way, saving people and preventing crimes.

When Jessica is caught in the crossfires and threatened, Ike whisks her away for safekeeping while Hard Ink takes care of business. Ike is also a member of Raven Riders Motorcycle Club which makes him more than capable of protecting her. While in hiding, we get a good introduction of the Ravens world. Of course, Jess and Ike will spend time together finally acting out on their true feelings for the each other.

Jessica and Ike are two very intense individuals with pasts and experiences that had damaged them emotionally. I love the pairing Ms. Kaye had done here. I believe them perfect for each other. Not only that they match their personality, and interests, but they match each other’s’ intense attraction to the other. These two very hot together.

I’ve read Ride Hard, book one for Raven Riders and I don’t believe you need to read this book to understand what’s going on, though it’s enjoyed reading Ike and Jess’ story. Ms. Kaye made this a fun and steamy read.




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