“HANGING BY A THREAD is the third in the Riley O’Brien series and it’s definitely a sweet one.”
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HANGING BY A THREAD is the third in the Riley O’Brien series and it’s definitely a sweet one.  I have a love for series that revolve around family and this one is endearing.  I don’t know why I didn’t realize where this pairing was coming from, but I was surprised when I started to realize this was an interracial romance (obviously I don’t read blurbs or look closely at covers once I’m following a series).

So Cal and Bebe have all had a hate relationship, on the outside.  They’re actually both really attracted to each other but they thought they didn’t stand a chance so they opted for being contrary with each other every time they could.  Until Cal overhears Bebe talking to his sister (her best friend) about her plan to loose her virginity.  Cal immediately steps up to the plate and offers his help.

Once Cal and Bebe let the other in, I thought they were a really cute couple.  Their interactions were fun and they fit well together.  All while still having the rest of the family involved and around, which I love.

There is the topic of the secret that Bebe is keeping from Cal the whole time, the fact that she’s been in an arranged marriage engagement since the time she was 20.  I think this was done well in terms of how she feels about the situation or deals with it, even though it was set up easy for her in my opinion with the backstory her family.  It wasn’t a decision she struggled with much.

Ultimately, this was an enjoyable read but one that maybe I didn’t quite connect with as much as I wanted.




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