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“HALF TRUTHS is packed full of suspense and it was a deliciously addictive book to read.”
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I have always had a fascination with secret societies, ever since I was a teenager.  If there was a documentary or a movie/tv show that talked about them, I was there.  But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a romance novel that involves them.  So as you can imagine when I saw HALF TRUTHS was releasing, I was the first one to rush and pre-order it.

Our heroine, Mae, is starting her senior year at a new college.  The college, her family would say, that she should’ve always attended but chose instead to follow her boyfriend elsewhere.  They’ve since broken up and her closest brother has suffered a major accident so she feels it’s the best time for her to be close to her family.  But with her interest in journalism she can’t help but be immediately taken by the stories of young women that have disappeared from campus throughout the years, especially the latest “victim”.  She knew her from high school and is determined to find out what happened to her and how the secret societies are involved.  She had no idea the secrets she would uncover.

Now for the mystery aspect, well, I am unfortunate (or fortunate) to have an overactive mind that immediately weaves patterns and clues together and I had no problem figuring out almost immediately where this story was going.  So when the big reveal and the TWIST in the end comes, it wasn’t a surprise.  But I do think that most people will find it shocking unlike me. Even so, I still highly enjoyed the story!

HALF TRUTHS is packed full of suspense and it was a deliciously addictive book to read.  There’s a hint of danger that kept me turning the pages, but twisted in as well a romance between Mae and one of the members of a secret society.  But I won’t sit here and tell you more details I just highly encourage you to pick up this book because we don’t get to see unique storylines in romance as often and I was definitely entertained by this one.



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