Following Dragon Bound (Dragos and Pia), this story is about Tricks and Tiago. And this book is definitely a great addition to the Elder Races Series. Thea Harrison has created a wonderful world of Dragons, Wry, Fae, Vamps, Elves, Demons and Witches. I truly enjoy the world she has created, and anyone who creates a hero to look like “Dwayne Johnson but Meaner” is a Book Goddess in my opinion. 😉 She knows what I like.

This book starts where Dragon Bound leaves off, about four days after Urien; King of the Dark Fae was killed. Upon his death, the need of a succession is inevitable and that’s where Tricks comes in. As it was revealed from Dragon Bound, Tricks, AKA Thistle Perwinkle, has been in hiding under Dragos protection. She lived with him since she was orphaned and worked as PR spokes person for Cuelebre Enterprises. It was also revealed that she is Niniane Lorelle the daughter of Dark Fae King Rhian and Queen Shaylee…… the rightful Queen of the Dark Fae Empire. Because the evil Urien is dead, she is forced to take the throne, which makes her the hunted.

Protective and the Alpha male that he is, Dragos sends his sentinel Tiago, Wyr thunderbird to protect Niniane until she is fully seated as the Dark Fae queen. As Tiago and Niniane start their dangerous journey, they encounter situations the will put their trust for each other to the test. The romance was quick and their attraction for each other was obvious from the start. Tiago was an ultimate sexy alpha male who was always there to save the day. He knew exactly what he was doing and exactly what he wanted….. Tricks. *sigh*

Niniane is definitely not the Tricks I expected. From Dragon Bound I got the impression that she is a kick ass girlie girl, who will shut down anyone if need be. I did not see her in any big combat action as I’d hoped, but her determination and “people person” skills definitely showed. She was good with the people around her and her interactions with them showed nothing but compassion; actions absolutely fit for a queen.

Both Niniane and Tiago’s past are revealed in detail here, in depth explanations of the Wyr world, their regions and introductions to new characters. We get more of Carling and Runes interactions preparing us for the upcoming book Serpent’s Kiss. *clapping excitedly*

I cannot wait until October 4th to know more of Sexy mysterious Rune.

Favorite Lines:

~Don’t pull that manipulative sex kitten shit on me”…”but what if I am a manipulative sex kitten shit?”.
~“Oh, I don’t want to pat you on the head faerie….I want to f*ck your mouth.”
~“He had looked so crazy, sexy. No, monstrous. No, sexy. Oh damn.”
~Rune: “my give-a-shit button’s broken…”
~“I like pink lipstick…and pretty shoes.”….. “Much to my surprise, I find that I do too”.
~He took her dress in both hand and tore it from neckline to hem.

Endearments: This was so cute I had to include it.

~Tiago to Nianiane: Faerie, your snippiness, your listlessness, tempestuousness.
~Nianiane to Tiago: Dr. Death, Cowboy, Mr. Incredible. 

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