“Overall, I liked this anthology, it was worth the read…”
~ Under the Covers

When I read an anthology, I make sure there is one author I love in their and then the rest, new authors to try. So, with Growl I already knew I liked Eve Langlais and it gave me a chance to try out Kate Douglas and A.C. Arthur. Overall, I liked this anthology, it was worth the read, I have found a new series I want to read and had some sexy times with a variety of hot shifters.

Legal Wolf’s Mate by Eve Langais
3 Stars

Eve Langlais is the author I was most familiar with and this was the book I was looking forward to reading the most. I found it was … okay. It definitely wasn’t my favorite book from Langlais, but it was a fun story, with a little bit of action, a little bit of romance and some good sexy times. It also had a nice little twist to keep things interesting.

Feral Passions by Kate Douglas
4 Stars

I haven’t read any Kate Douglas so I didn’t know what to expect, but it turned out this was by far my favourite book in the anthology. LOVED IT. I really hope Douglas brings more books out in this series. Shy and curvy Cherry and her sister have gone to a women’s remote retreat called Feral Passions to relax for a week. However, what they don’t know is that Feral Passions is run by a pack of single werewolves all looking for their mate. I think you can pretty much guess what happens from there. And although the story may not be particularly original, I absolutely loved it and lapped it up. The sex between Cherry and her two (yes TWO) werewolf mates was hot and the romance was sweet, plus I really liked the idea of the story, as I said above, I hope Douglas doesn’t some more in this series, if she does I am all over it.

The Alpha’s Woman by A.C. Arthur

In every anthology you always get a book you don’t like, in Growl this was that book. I just couldn’t get into it, despite valiantly trying a number of times, before deciding that life was too short, I just didn’t connect with it. I can’t put my finger on why I didn’t like it, I found it hard to concentrate on the book and my mind would wander, and when instead of reading you are contemplating doing your clothes washing, that’s when you know it probably isn’t the right book for you!

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