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I was super excited to find out that Kate Meader is coming out with a spin-off for Chicago Rebels series. The three sisters who own a hockey team were pretty and their men are all kinds of yummy goodness. I enjoyed reading their stories. So getting more of this world is way welcomed.

In this new spin-off, the stories will continue with the members of the Rebels Hockey Team. How many books Meader plans for this, I’m not too sure. This first installment starts with Levi Hunt’s story. He is recently picked up by the Rebels but this rookie doesn’t always play nice with others. He’s not scoring any points with the fans either. Because all that matters in the world of hockey, Levi is instructed by the owners to play nice with everyone including the media. He is paired off with Jordan, a sports journalist who is to follow the team and to report who Levi truly is. In return, Jordan is hoping for a story that will give her a big break in her career.

I enjoyed the Good Guy as much as the books from the Chicago Rebels series. It has a similar vibe. You will get the yummy goodness of the players and the characters from the previous books. Yes, the sisters are still very much involved.

The relationship between Levi and Jordan was hot, funny, and uber sweet. I love Levi’s grumpy sexy persona. And no matter how he avoids talking about his military background, it shines right through him. His relationship with Jordan gets very complicated as both will have to handle difficult situations in their workplace and their personal lives, not to mention a very uncomfortable past. It was entertaining to read their journey to a HEA.



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