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When I saw that this series was going to happen I was more than a little excited.  I fell in love with the characters we got to see in the novels HIM and US and just needed to get more.  This first book starts off the series with over the top fun and I couldn’t have been happier.  We got to know Blake in the book US.  He’s We’s teammate and also lives in the same building.  His character was obnoxious and annoying in the most endearing way and I’m happy to say GOOD BOY only accentuates that further.

This story continues a quick affair Blake had with Jamie’s sister when she was in town taking care of her brother while he was sick.  Jess has been the fuck up of her family (or so she’s considered herself) since forever.  Focusing on her career and making something of herself is the only thing she wants right now.  A repeat performance with the goofball and not-so-serious Blake Riley is not in her best interest.  But Blake has other plans and a large tolerance for rejection.

I love how Blake doesn’t fit the mold of the perfect romantic hero.  He can be a bit thick headed sometimes, and some of his ideas made me pause and wonder if he could possibly think they were good ideas for real.  But as I got to see more of him in this book one thing was constant.  He may be a simple guy, but he’s such a sweet and good guy!  Melt your heart, adorable.  From his devotion to his friends, his relentless pursuit of the woman he wants, even his love of animals.  People have taken advantage of that kind and simple heart before and it just made me want to protect him.  While Jess isn’t my typical favorite heroine either, I think she was a great match for Blake.  She’s just feisty enough to fight for him.  And he gives her that uninhibited boost of confidence she needed to overcome the obstacles in her own life.  I had a great time seeing them fall for each other.

For fans of Jamie and Wes, this book starts out with a treat!  We get to see their wedding and it definitely made my heart happy for them.  Definitely you won’t want to miss it!

I’m excited about this new series because I do love the team and all the members we’ve already met.  GOOD BOY was, for sure, a fun and entertaining ride.  With quirky characters that you couldn’t help but be left with a smile on your face.



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