Congratulations on releasing GETTING ROWDY, book three in the Lover Undercover series! What can you tell us about Rowdy’s book?

Thank you! Well, you first met Rowdy in RUN THE RISK, as the heroine’s brother. Then you got to know him better in BARE IT ALL as the heroine’s confidante. Now you get to know everything there is about Rowdy, including his painful past, what motivates him, and his bone-deep honor. Fighting and sex help Rowdy fight his personal demons, but of course, any admirable heroine will insist he get over that – with a little help and constructive direction. ::wink::

As you’ve mentioned, we’ve met Rowdy in RUN THE RISK and learned a little bit about his childhood with his sister, Pepper. What do you think will surprise readers most about what they will learn about Rowdy in this book?

Rowdy comes from a very poor homelife. His parents were drunks who later died in a car accident. When his mother birthed him, she’d been drinking heavily and couldn’t think of a name, and didn’t really care enough to put a lot of thought into it. Since their last name was Yates, and she’d always thought Clint Eastwood was hot, she named him after a Clint character.

Rowdy might have been more of a victim, given what he endured, but when his parents had Pepper, the protector in him took over and his entire focus, even as a kid, went into defending his sister and ensuring she didn’t suffer the same hardships as him. He and his sister are very close, and that as much as anything else helped to save Rowdy.

DASH OF PERIL doesn’t come out until 2014, but what can readers expect from Dash and Lieutenant Peterson’s book?

I just finished Dash’s story. Dash is the brother of the hero from the first book, RUN THE RISK. I think readers will be surprised with Dash now that it’s his turn to reveal his soul. I know I was surprised! I kept thinking, Dash, you devil! Lol.

Reading is often both a comfort and an escape for readers. What book have you gone back to again and again to reread?

Honor’s Splendor by Julie Garwood. Ooooh, I just love, love that book! Also Lion’s Lady and The Bride and… well, all of her historicals. I also love historicals by Catherine Coulter and Johanna Lindsay and Amanda Quick… good stuff!

Since Rowdy is a bar owner, if you could take three other authors for a night of drinks with you to the bar, which authors would you love to have a girls night out with and why?

Hmmm, I don’t drink, but I could grab a cola and enjoy the company all the same. So let’s see…

Since Jill Shalvis and I share book releases this month and because she’s hilariously funny and because I really enjoy her work, I’d pick her.

And then there’s Katie McGarry who is a warm, friendly person, and a phenomenal YA author. She blows me away each time I read one of her books. Currently I’m reading an ARC (I’m special that way 😉 ) and it is SO good. Readers are going to love it!

And always, for the eternity of time, Stella Cameron will be one of my favorite people, both as an author and as one of the most wonderful women I’ve ever met.

That’s a mishmash of personalities and writing-styles, so it’d definitely be interesting!


Getting Rowdy

An alpha hero’s attraction to the one woman he can’t have could draw him into a killer’s snare in the sizzling new novel from New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster

Charismatic bar owner Rowdy Yates isn’t the kind of man women say no to. So when he approaches waitress Avery Mullins, he fully expects to get her number. However, the elusive beauty has her reasons for keeping her distance&;including a past that might come back to haunt them both.

Avery spends her nights working for tips&and trying to forget the secret Rowdy is determined to unearth. But when history threatens to repeat itself, Avery grows to rely on Rowdy’s protective presence. As the sparks between them ignite, she will be forced to choose between the security she’s finally found& and the passion she’s always wanted.


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lori-fosterAbout the Author

Since first publishing in January 1996, Lori Foster has become a Waldenbooks, Borders, USA Today, Publishers Weekly and New York Times bestselling author. She also received the Romantic Times “Career Achievement Award” for Series Romantic Fantasy and Contemporary Romance.

Lori believes it is important to give back to the community as much as possible, so she routinely arranges events among authors and readers to gather donations for various organizations.




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  1. I love Amanda Quick, too! Her historicals are so much fun! I can’t wait to read about Rowdy. Sexy men who are protectors are very hot!

  2. How awesome to interview Lori Foster! I would have went totally fangirl. I am tickled that she is a fan of Julie Garwood, she is won of my faves as well. As usual you ladies did a tremendous job.

  3. I love the last question in the interview although mine would probably be…… Patricia Briggs, Suzanne Wright, and Darynda Jones 🙂

  4. I haven’t read any of Lori’s work yet. I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about this series. I’m looking forward to reading them.
    Thanks 🙂

  5. I am looking forward to reading this series in order, now that Rowdy is out! I am a Jill Shalvis fan, as well. A lot of people mention Julie Garwood, so I guess I will have to try something by her soon! Good luck with the new release!

  6. First, I am so excited to read Rowdy’s story. Second, I am so jealous you are getting to read Katie McGarry’s book as an ARC! Finally, can I come to the bar when you hang out with Jill Shalvis and Katie McGarry? I would love to pick their minds about their future stories!

  7. I agree I would love to have a drink with Jill Shalvis love her books and her blog. I cannot wait to read Rowdy’s story.

  8. Just watched the video and WOW!!! It certainly did the job of making me HAVE to read this book. I have not heard of this series but it seems I have missed out on something incredible. Thank goodness there is still time for me to correct my mistake. Good luck with this new book!

  9. It looks like a new series I need to pick up – apparently I’ve been under a rock. I look forward to reading it. Thanks for bringing it to us!

  10. I love Lori’s book! So excited for the chance to win Getting Rowdy. I’m with her about re-reading Julie Garwood books except my choice would be Saving Grace although I did love Honor’s Splendid too.

  11. I totally want to hang out with Jill Shalvis (and Lori of course) too! Enjoy reading Lori’s books – her SBC fighters series ranks among my all time favorites! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  12. Great interview! Looking forward to seeing Rowdy tamed…just a little!

    Unbelievably jealous that you got to read an ARC of Katie’s new book!

  13. I always enjoy getting an authors perspective after they’ve finished a book. I love Jill Shalvis and I can’t wait to pick up any one of both Lori’s and Jill’s books as I’m a huge fan of theirs!! I can’t wait to read Getting Rowdy!

  14. I think it’d be so much fun to hang out with you & Jill Shalvis. I love both of your series and am so glad that they’re continuing to do well so that you’ll keep writing them!

  15. Great interview. Love Lori Foster’s books. Also a huge fan of Johanna Lindsey. What is your favorite Johanna Lindsey book? I am a big fan of the Malory’s books and love Derek & Jeremy.

  16. Great interview! Congrats on your latest book! Tyanks for the giveaway and look forward to reading more from Lori!

  17. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book. I’ve read all the others in this series and I’ve been waiting months for Rowdy’s story!