“C.L. Parker takes this second installment of Monkey Business to a very different tone….She kept it very hot and added a whole lot of sweet to the story.”
~ Under the Covers

Getting Rough started shortly after Playing Dirty had ended. Sports agents Cassidy Whalen and Shaw Mathews had just finished the duel of the year to land the most coveted quarterback in the league as their client. It wasn’t pretty and it was most certainly dirty and a naughty competition this firm has ever seen. Shaw managed to get the client but it led them to a more complicated situation. He wants more but Cassidy left town without any explanations. Of course, Shaw will not sit and wait. He demands an explanation, if he has to follow her across the country then so be it.

C.L. Parker takes this second installment of Monkey Business to a very different tone, which I did not expect. Cass and Shaw are now in a small town setting and everything is very personal. You don’t see the business aspect or the sports theme as we did in the first book. Instead, you see them in a very intimate setting including a lot of heartfelt moments that now includes Cassidy’s family and friends…all of which I enjoyed.

C.L. Parker kept it very hot and added a whole lot of sweet to the story. You’ll see Shaw in a different light. Sure, he still has no filter and rough around the edges but now he’s more sincere and very romantic. He reminds me of Emma Chase’s Drew Evans from Tangled series. He cracks me up with his smart-ass comments and love his sexual confidence.
Cassidy on the other hand, lost her ice queen persona. She lost a potential client, Shaw now invades her space, her beloved ex and best friend had taken interest in someone else and she doesn’t know how to deal with it. It was actually entertaining to see her out of her comfort zone.

Parker introduce a few new characters and more about Cassidy’s ex-boyfriend, the perfect boy/man next-door. He is adorable, sexy and very sweet. I was a bit disappointed that there was a triangle spin to the storyline. I think this book could’ve done well without it but that’s just me. My heart broke for Casey and I think he deserves a full length book of his own to compensate for what happened. Perhaps the last installment of this series will be about him. I’m Excited to see what C.L. parker has up her sleeve for the next book.




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