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“Full of murder, mystery, a little romance, kooky family members and an ever kookier heroine, I can’t get enough of this series”
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It’s been just over three months since Mia Connors found one of her best friend’s murdered body. It has also been 3 months since Mia has seen Jake Archer, the undercover FBI agent who has stolen her heart, after of course accusing her of murder. Now Jake is back in town…after a man is poisoned and dies right in front of Mia at her booth at the Renaissance Fair, and once again he seems to be investigating her for murder.

The Geek Girl Mysteries are a new discovery for me, and what a find they are! This is the second installment in the series and I enjoyed it just as much, maybe more than I did the first book A Geek Girl’s Guide to Murder. Full of murder, mystery, a little romance, kooky family members and an ever kookier heroine, I can’t get enough of this series.

What I like most about this series, and indeed this book, is the heroine and centre of all mischief Mia Connors. I love an eccentric heroine and she gets top marks in that regard, I also like a socially awkward and intelligent heroine, again top marks, so following along on her adventures in this book was a lot of fun. I admit, that I had guessed the who did it quite early on in the book, however, that didn’t stop me from enjoying every word. Especially as it wasn’t only the mystery that had me turning the pages.

I am primarily a romance reader, not a mystery reader, so even the smallest hint of a little love? I am all over it. And the continuing saga between Jake and Mia keeps me reading as much as the mystery does. There seems to be progress between them in this book but I still find myself shouting encouragement down my kindle…MAKE A MOVE JAKE, is my most frequently shouted “help”, but it is almost enjoyable frustration and I cannot wait to see what happens between them in the next book. And what other mischief Mia can possible find herself in.

This was such a fun read, if you haven’t started this series I recommend you give it a try, especially if you are after something light hearted and quirky to chill out with. I now eagerly anticipate the next book in the series!



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  1. Thank you for the introduction to this series. It looks fun. I do like mystery stories, especially zany ones. I need to go find this now. 😀