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Overall, I loved this book.  Claire Legrand gave me little time to catch my breath.”
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I took a chance on this book by its blurb, because to be honest, the cover didn’t really catch my attention.  Which is usually the first thing that will sway me in picking up a book. Don’t be swayed away though, because this book is all kinds of amazing. The blurb is what caught my attention.  How can I not check out “two fiercely independent young women”, right?

Furyborn tells the story of two fierce women who possess elemental powers which ultimately save kingdoms across the board.  Each story is told in both woman’s POV and in their own time or era. Yes, there will be time jumping but don’t worry, Claire Legrand did a great job making it easy to distinguish the difference.  Both women come into power that ultimately used to help protect the land and its people. The intrigue is the twists and prophecies of the story and that’s where the time jumps come in. Though thousands of years apart, Reille and Elliana’s story are connected and you’ll just have to find out how.  It’s quite a doozy. There will be a test of mental strength and magic, angel involvement, political intrigue, romance, and twists in the story that will keep you on your toes.  It gave me goosebumps.

Overall, I loved this book.  Claire Legrand gave me little time to catch my breath.  She caught my attention from the very beginning.  From then on, it was non stop the movement from one action, drama, or story twist to the next.  There was one bit of the story that was predictable, but other than that. I enjoyed every other bit of the book.  If you like your Fantasy or YA Fantasy, I would recommend you give this a go.


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  1. I just got this the other day and before I could read it my 16yo son grabbed it, started to read a few pages and didn’t let go of the book till he was done with it lol

    Said it was soooo good!