“Forbidden fling reminds me a bit of a modern day Romeo and Juliet story.”
~ Under the Covers

Delaney Hart is determined to get back what she ran away from so long ago in her hometown of Wildwood, CA. Her late father’s bar, Bad seed, which was the scene to the biggest tragedy in town, is now in ruins and the town is ready to tear it down. But Delaney won’t let that happen and is determined to get what she never thought she could have, a steady future. Unfortunately, the inspector that is assigned to ruin her plans is also the one man she can’t seem to get enough of.

Ethan Hayes is the inspector in Wildwood, CA and it definitely has its perks but working for the mayor directly can take its toll, especially when the mayor is your father. Ethan’s father wants the eye sore of a bar, Bad Seed torn down so he can start plans of his own. But things go south when Ethan realizes Delaney deserves more than just being another one of his father’s conquests.

Forbidden fling reminds me a bit of a modern day Romeo and Juliet story. Both families hate each other for a tragic encounter they couldn’t stop. Now 10 years later this tragedy is what brings Ethan and Delaney together in an almost heart breaking yet hot as hell story of two people trying to do right by their families and failing miserably at it. Their feelings and actions are written like real life scenarios that any one of us could go through. Delaney and Ethan know that it will end in disaster yet they can’t help but fall over and over again into the realest thing they’ve felt in some time and that is each other.




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