“FOOL OF MAIN BEACH is definitely a feel-good, heart warming romance.”
~ Under the Covers

This book definitely follows in the fun stories I’ve come to expect from Ms. Lain.  Merle Justice is a young actor trying to get recognition in Hollywood, which is hard since he plays a teenage vampire on a hit show.  Actors in those roles aren’t seen seriously and he’s struggling to reconcile those two sides of his career.

The complications between Tom and Merle were more than just being from different sides of the social spectrum.  Tom is a very simple kinda guy.  He may not be the brightest guy around, but there’s an innocence about him that is ultimately what is most appealing about him.  Draws you in because you can’t help but want to be around him.  Merle can’t stay away but knows that Hollywood can be ruthless and he may be bringing Tom into situations that are more than he is prepared to deal with.

It was refreshing to see a character like Tom because he’s not the typical romance hero.  He is the kind of hero you want to keep wrapped up in protective bubble wrap so the world can’t hurt him, but at the same time he’s big enough to protect you from it.  He’s sensitive but when he gives his heart, he does so completely.  And boy, does he love sex. 😉  He was my favorite thing about this story for sure.

I think Merle and Tom where really adorable together.  They had great chemistry and I found them so charming.  FOOL OF MAIN BEACH is definitely a feel-good, heart warming romance.  I think the conflict could’ve been a little better but the story still made sense the way the author presented it and it was enjoyable to read.




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