“…sexy man in a uniform….enough said…”
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FLY WITH ME is the first book I read by this author and I admit, I was a sucker for that cover….and maybe the uniform.  I don’t think we get to see enough books about fighter pilots!  This starts off with a group of them in Vegas and they meet some girls that are there for a bachelorette party.  And what should’ve stayed in Vegas ends up lasting longer.

Noah and Jordan’s relationship was cute.  I do think the pacing could’ve been a bit faster and I also had some issues with believing in their strong love for each other after so little time spent together.  They are such polar opposites that I struggle a bit in seeing them work together but I guess they do.   But all that aside, and when they were together, they were hot.  As I said before, there is something about a sexy man in a uniform….enough said… and you can expect some of that in this book so I was a happy girl.

My favorite aspect about this book was the real glimpse of military life that the author gives us.  She doesn’t sugar-coat things and their job as pilots is more important than anything else.  Being there for their significant other comes second place to their job, as much as that hurts them and can hurt a weaker relationship.  The amount of strength that this takes and how the author was able to make us feel that (especially after the one thing that happens towards the end) was my absolute favorite thing about this book and probably the reason I’ll continue to read this series.

As a series opener it was a good book.  I don’t think I connected with this couple as much but I am anxiously awaiting for book 3 already.  I’m looking forward to exploring a different setup in the next book that doesn’t involve the struggles of long distance relationships and see how the author does that.




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  1. I grew up an Air Force brat and I can most definitely attest to how authentic this author tells the story of the life for these folks. I definitely connected with the story and I agree that the romance pair were tough sometimes.

  2. Agreed…we don’t have enough stories centering around fighter pilots…I may wait for you review of book 2 before I start the series…