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“FIX HER UP seems like the perfect beach read.”
~ Under the Covers

I’m going to be totally honest, I had to read this book because I loved the cover.  I mean, how adorable is this?!  The colors, the artwork, the concept.  Plus it has a hero who is a mix of a blue collar hero who is not afraid of working with his hands but who is also an athlete. Score!  This is the second book I’ve ever read by Tessa Bailey and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

This book introduces us to the Castle family.  Georgie is the youngest and she’s been trying to make a name for herself outside of the shadow of her family’s business.  They are in construction, she wants to bring joy to children and run a kids entertainment company.  But she’s had to start small with what she could do and that’s dressing up as a clown.  That’s also one of the things stopping people from taking her seriously.  She’s a grown woman and she wants everyone around her, her family especially, to treat her as such.  The idea of fake dating her brothers best friend, who happens to be a retired (due to an injury) major league baseball player, with a reputation for being a player seems like the logical thing to do.  And he can also use dating the wholesome Georgie to clean up his image and land his dream job.

I’ll admit this book does have some flaws in my opinion but I was able to overlook those as I was reading.  Georgie could definitely use a confidence boost and at times the way her family would treat her had more to do in my opinion with her accepting their treatment than with things she had to change about herself.  While this isn’t a heavy emphasis on having a makeover to feel better about herself, it definitely played a part in the story and I would’ve loved seeing this story not have that.  Georgie didn’t have to change her jeans and sneakers look to be noticed, just grow a backbone and tell her family what was bothering her!  But I digress.

Like I said, the fact I could see the problem with the message I would’ve liked the book to have didn’t really take anything away from my enjoyment of this adorably cute romance.  And it was adorably cute and extremely hot at the same time.  Don’t be fooled by the cute cover.  FIX HER UP delivered steam in spades just as you would expect from a Tessa Bailey book.  To find that among the cuteness of a professional kids party clown and not have it feel out of place, that’s a skill!

FIX HER UP seems like the perfect beach read.  A steamy and fun romantic comedy with the perfect summer setting.


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