First Born by Will Dead is the psychological thriller you want to read if you’re after something fast paced and full of plot twists.

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First Born
by Will Dean

Released: July 05, 2022
368 Pages | ebook

read this book if you’re in the mood for
  • Some plot twists
  • An unreliable narrator
  • A fast paced read

Molly Raven has always been the careful twin. She does her research, she knows the safest course of action, and she’s never unprepared. Some would say she’s too anxious, too careful. But all that changes when Molly gets the call that her twin sister Katie has been murdered. Forced to leave the safety of her London flat and travel to the unpredictable streets of New York City, Molly discovers she is only one small part in the investigation of her sister’s death. But as the story unfolds, readers will quickly realize that the quiet, reserved Molly may have more in common with her twin than anyone ever knew.


First Born by Will Dean was a fast-paced thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat through not one, but two massive plot twists.

First Born immediately pulled me into its fast-paced plot. Dean hooked me with the plot’s setup and the character of Molly right from the beginning. There was just something in Molly’s reserved, careful nature and in her survivor’s guilt that made her such an intriguing character. It’s hard to really get into all the reasons why Molly was such a well done character without giving away major parts of the book, but I will say that our main character had the perfect qualities for a thriller and will leave readers trying to wrap their head around her every action right up until the end.

While a thriller from start to finish, First Born touched on so much: the aftermath of losing not only a sister, but a twin that felt like your other half; parental instability and financial woes; the emotional betrayal of those closest to you; reluctant revenge; and the eventual acceptance of your own life choices. With all these elements at work, Dean gave us a story that beautifully fit all these puzzle pieces together while simultaneously distracting readers from the overall picture.

Dean did a fantastic job with the novel’s pacing. He throws in enough twists after the halfway point that readers will want to speed through the rest of the book just to see what would happen next. Combined with an often-unreliable narrator, these purposeful misdirects will make it hard for even the best sleuths to guess what’s coming at the end.

in conclusion

Without giving anything away and ruining the plot, First Born was entertaining and engaging from Molly’s introduction, through the first major plot twist, and clear through to the final big reveal. Dean packed a lot of action and even more surprises into this thriller, and I highly recommend First Born for anyone looking for a page turner that will keep you on the edge of your seat and guessing the whole way through.

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