“Fighting Dirty was a quick, fun and sexy read.”
~ Under the Covers

Lorenzo Silva aka Enzo and Jamie Lynn Calhoun are opposites as can be. While Enzo is this rich Brazilian banker and an intense MMA fighter, JL is a tattooed bartender with magenta colored hair and has a very sassy personality. Their differences didn’t stop their undeniable attraction to each other but in the beginning, JL didn’t even want to give Enzo the time of day. I love how she turned him down, but I love it even more how Enzo pursued her. Both JL and Enzo have past that they have to overcome, but their biggest battle was trust and acceptance.

Fighting Dirty was a quick and fun read. I found myself laughing at JL’s humor and intrigued with what Enzo was going to do next. I especially am fond of the connection to the characters from the last books. It was a treat to read about the crew at Worth The Fight Academy again. I’m excited to read more on the upcoming reality show. And from what it looks like, there’s already a couple of romance forming that will be worth the wait. Looking forward to the next installment.




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