“…while I found the reason for the hurt, and the ultimate resolution, a bit lackluster I still enjoyed reading this story.”
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I’ve never read anything by Rebecca Shea before, but when I got the opportunity to review this title I jumped on it.  One of the reasons, yes, the beautiful cover, but the blurb seemed like something I would totally love.  Second chance romance is my crack!

I think this was a good sampling of the author’s writing and although it’s a bit more angsty than I was in the mood to read, it’s a testament to how intrigued she could keep me in the unfolding events and back story that I gobbled this up quite fast.

This is a classic second chance story where the high school sweethearts and lifetime friends had a huge falling out and one left to pursue a bigger and better life.  Frankie (our heroine) finds herself living a life of success in the big city.  She’s a great lawyer, living a fast paced life she thought she always wanted and has and equally successful and gorgeous fiance.  Things get a bit shaky with one phone call from the ex that broke her heart to tell her about her mother’s health declining and she has to go back.  Back to that small town that destroyed her once already and back to seeing the man responsible for it.

There were a lot of things about this story that I liked.  You could still feel the connection and chemistry between Frankie and Cole and I was reading and dying to find out what really happened (because I wasn’t too happy with the reason we “know” of at the beginning of the book).  My one complaint was that reveal.  When the reason becomes evident I was a bit annoyed because I thought it was all so stupid.  Ten years of heartache that to me where wasted.

So while I found the reason for the hurt, and the ultimate resolution, a bit lackluster I still enjoyed reading this story.  The characters and setting where great for this trope and it was an enjoyable and fast read.




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