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“FAST CONNECTION is squirmy hot and simply delicious!”
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You may have noticed by now, but I seem to have found a new author that I can’t get enough of!  When I read the first book in the series I was really pleasantly surprised at the level of depth in such a simple story.  And I was also left a bit torn about reading the next one because I thought Dominic was a bit douchey.  I should’ve had no reservations!  This book is perfect just the way it is.  Characters and all.

So Dominic is back home in Staten Island and out of the military.  He finds himself dealing with his asshole father, working at the family bagel shop, and trying to figure out what he can do to get out of that situation without many usable skills.  He also wants to explore his newfound bisexuality and meet men, but being cautious for now, because he doesn’t want to come out to his family yet.  The Grindr app seems to be the best way to go and lands him straight on the doorstep of Luke Rawlings.  And can I just stop here to say …. I absolutely loved, LOVED, Luke’s kind of jerky attitude!  <3

Luke is older, father of two teenagers, divorced, bisexual, and very much looking for just a hook up that won’t interfere with him raising his kids.  He doesn’t want to chat and be best friends, he clearly just wants to get laid and move on.  And maybe manhandle his lover just a bit 😉  But Dominic is so adorably cute and needs more of a connection than that and I gobbled up every single attempt he made at getting through to Luke.  Again, adorable!

Luke and Dominic have off the charts sexual chemistry and they develop a strong friendship as well.  It was a nicely paced process and I couldn’t help but come to care for both of them.  The situations going on around them affect them and their relationship.  I think these authors did a really good job at giving us a well rounded story.  The emotion was on point, there’s no unnecessary angst, and there’s more to them than just their romance.  They have lives, families and careers to worry about.  These two guys are pretty straight forward in what they want and I enjoyed that about them.

Another thing I absolutely loved was the setting.  Being from New York, it was so much to read a book that reflects a lot of the realities of the personalities you find here.  I found myself laughing out loud more than once with this book.  A lot of it was Dominic (did I mention he’s adorably cute?) but a lot of it was the stereotypes that made me crack up.

FAST CONNECTION is squirmy hot and simply delicious!  Two guys at very different points in their lives but that somehow manage to complement each other so well.  It was one hell of an easy and enjoyable read full of laughing and panting.  I really can’t wait to see more from this series.

Favorite Quotes:

I couldn’t tell if he was in his late thirties or forties, but silver peppered his hair and jaw.  Not that age mattered.  I wanted to get on my knees right here in front of his neighbors and the nuns over at Blessed Sacrament Church.

There was too much rejection going on in the span of three days, and it was hard to swallow after twenty-seven years of me being a fucking stud.

“Come, eat, sleep.  It’s the cycle of human nature.”




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