“Dougall Buchanan is everything I look for in a highlander.”
~ Under the Covers

I’m going to be honest.  This was a total cover read for me.  🙂  I’ve read Ms. Sands paranormal romances, but this is my first time trying her historical romance and the reason was this HOT cover.  I couldn’t resist, really.  When it comes to her paranormals, through the years I’ve found them to become a bit repetitive and I’ve stop reading them for a while.  So this was a nice change of pace for me in terms of that.

I have not read the previous books in the series but thankfully. I wasn’t too lost when figuring things out, even though seems both characters make an appearance earlier.

There is just one thing that stands out about this read for me.  The hero.  Dougall Buchanan is everything I look for in a highlander.  He’s commanding, a bit rough, a bit brusque, hot as hell in a kilt and with a heart of gold deep down.  He choose to help Lady Murine Carmichael after she escapes her evil brother.  Even when it has nothing to do with him and can only bring him trouble.  Falling in love with his character was really the one thing about this book that kept me reading.  He really is worth the read.

Lady Murine on the other hand, I wanted to throttle more times than I can count.  She very much felt like a TSTL heroine and I don’t have much patience for that.  It was also at odds with some of the other things I had seen about her actions in previous books.  She just felt a bit too much like a delicate flower in my opinion, without much forethought and grit.

The story, however, is interesting, and kept me turning the pages.  I’m not sure if this is a series I’ll be continuing but I can be persuaded again by a pretty cover.




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  1. I,too, fell for the cover and it was the best part of the book. I didn’t like the LS paranormals and I didn’t like this one either. She tries too hard to be funny and the historical details bugged me, like it took 4 brothers to deliver 2 horses and they were able to reach the English border after only “a long ride”. If they were coming from the Highlands, it should have taken several days. Also, Murine never seems to wear a chemise, shift, corset or petticoats. She pulls on a gown and away she goes.