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“EVERY WRONG REASON is a bittersweet roller coaster of emotions…”
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Lets clarify.  I was in the mood for a heartbreaking read.  And this had the markings for hitting that spot right off the bat.  I think the blurb says it all.  Yes, there’s a married couple, and yes they are going through a divorce.  I wasn’t prepared for how real the emotions and reactions in this book would feel, and how much they would move me.

This book hit my emotions from page one.  I started with a good cry at around 4% and then repeatedly throughout the book.  Some were hurt tears, some sad tears, some happy tears.  I can honestly say the author did an amazing job at capturing the emotions of a troublesome time in this couple’s history and making it vivid and real.

The understanding of working hard for a good relationship, the give and take that has to happen on both sides.  Understanding also HOW you grow with someone, even when you are no longer the same people that once fell in love.  Things change, people change, and maybe one day you wake up and after analyzing yourself, you don’t like who you’ve become so much anymore.  I loved that aspect of this book and the way the author narrated this story was perfect.

I could identify with Kate a lot, even through her bad and sometimes annoying decisions.  There was a degree of miscommunication and misunderstandings that I think normally would piss me off, but it was perfect for the moments and emotions both characters were feeling.  I wish we would’ve seen some of Nick’s POV (maybe the epilogue would’ve been nice).  Kate carries this story well but I needed closure with knowing where his feelings were at.  I do find that his resolution of some issues that were ongoing for years was all a bit too easy, and I think that’s a perception we have only because we didn’t get his side of the story.

As is to be expected with a story that involves divorce, cheating is always a concern and I’ll be upfront and say this is not something I like in my books.  So here’s a disclaimer, there is no cheating.

EVERY WRONG REASON is a bittersweet roller coaster of emotions that took me on a journey through my past because in many ways I’ve been Kate.  Wrong and right, she’s not perfect and she whines about stupid things sometimes, but I understand her.  And when you realize that her hurt runs deeper than that surface she lets on, well it broke my heart.

It packs a punch full of angst that if you are in need of that will fit perfectly.  I don’t know if this is a read for everyone, because yes, it’s not the fluffy happy all roses type of romance.  It was so hard to read but impossible to put it down.  In the end, just know there is a happy ending.  And if it may just help you see inside yourself a bit, then that’s a plus.  This book has been compared to AFTER I DO by Taylor Jenkins Reid (which I loved and that’s the reason I picked this up) and in a way it absolutely is in that same feel.

This was definitely a book that made me think, and yes, when my husband came home I might’ve hugged him a little tighter and made sure he knew I was sorry for yelling at him that morning and that I loved him and appreciated him.   Yes, this was exhausting to read and I read a lot of it with a pain in my chest and a box of kleenex nearby, but in the end it was all worth it and I did feel so content and satisfied when I finished it.  🙂  I can’t wait to read more from this author!

Favorite Quotes:

“We might be different people now.  But he still knew me better than anyone else.”

“You own me, Kate. You will always own me.”

“We might be good people separately, but we were monsters together.”



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  1. Thanks for the review, I met Rachel a few months ago and bought The Five Stags of Falling in Love but haven’t read it yet.